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Lake Tahoe

If you’re looking for a honeymoon destination where you can travel all year round and that is rich in spectacular scenery and interesting activities, Lake Tahoe is definitely a place for your romantic vacation. The region’s popularity has been increasing since it became a trendy destination spot for wealthy resident  of San Francisco in the late 19th century. Diversity of the Lake’s lodgings ranges from casual to luxury, from traditional to futuristic will appeal to couples who are seeking privacy at their wedding ceremony as well as to those who want to share the joy of tying the knot with their friends and family.

Considered to be the largest alpine fresh water body in North America, the Lake is located at 1,897m surface elevation. Admired for its depth and water clarity, Tahoe is surrounded by the majestic mountains of the Sierra Nevada.  The most impressive moments for most visitors to Lake Tahoe are beautiful views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and the Lake itself. You can never get bored of these spectacular sceneries, as you can always explore new and new places around here and discover the wonders of this magic spot.

It is one of those few places where you don’t depend on the seasons of the year: you will find plenty of activities whether it is winter or summer. Lake Tahoe offers you variety of options for relaxing as well as active holidays – just choose what you like most.

If you travel here in summer, hitting the beach is a must, of course. Relaxation and sunbathing are always a good idea for a honeymoon vacation. Then, why not take a romantic sail in a boat, canoe or kayak? Or explore the place on foot or by bike? You will get tons of positive emotions in this honeymoon destination during summer.

honeymoon near the lake tahoe

In the winter, this place is a heaven for skiers. From November to May you may come here and not only enjoy the snow-covered peaks but also indulge in skiing and all those related winter sports.  Other winter activities popular in the region are: snowmobiling, snowboarding, and ice-fishing. If you prefer to stay in a beautiful forest setting, there are plenty to choose and rent from. Some offer full amenities, whereas others are as basic as they can get, so you can feel even close to nature.

Finally, don’t travel to Lake Tahoe without a camera with lots of free space on it: you will enjoy shooting the greenery of mountains, amazing clarity of the waters, and glorious blue skies. And be assured that the bright sunshine and gorgeous views will leave only best memories about your romantic honeymoon vacation!

beach of the lake tahoe

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