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Las Vegas

If you want to have active, vivid, varicolored and impressive honeymoon looking for the best honeymoon travel tips, you are lucky you came here. One should know, that to have a fun and memorable honeymoon, one has to travel to Las Vegas.

Everyone knows that Las Vegas is a place where it is possible to get married quickly and without any problems. But much fewer people understand that it is an exciting honeymoon vacation spot. Furthermore, it is not only breathtaking and bright, but also rather cheap (thanks to the money of those who come here to gamble) along with the high level of accommodation and food here.

Of course, not everybody is fond of glitz and bright chic of the city. If you are a couple of such people, you can rent a car and spend almost every day of your honeymoon vacation in a calm place off the beaten track. Just twenty miles out of the city – and you are in a picturesque place where you can let your hair down and fully recharge your inner batteries while having your picnic meal or trying some hiking.

Honeymoon in Las Vegas

Honeymoon in Las Vegas

If there is a place in the world with the highest concentration of attraction spots and entertainment activity centers, it is Las Vegas. There are a few most important honeymoon travel tips in this place: have fun, entertain, and enjoy yourselves.

The Strip being one of the most important places of Vegas is a must for you, whenever you like bustling and crowded places or not. Your travel to Las Vegas cannot be called complete unless you visit this 4.2-mile stretch of attractions.

Romantic night in Vegas

Romantic night in Vegas

Undoubtedly, Las Vegas is a city of the nightlife, so if you really enjoy it, there is no better place to spend your honeymoon. You can visit numerous performances or try your luck at gambling – whatever the result is, you will definitely be satisfied with your pastime.

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3 Comments → “ Las Vegas ”

  1. Mary

    5 years ago

    My name is Mary and I am proud of myself. Last May I travelled to Las Vegas. It is absolutely different city. Believe me you can’t find another city like this. As you know in the USA you can’t drink alcohol outside the house in the streets. But in Las Vegas you can and it is cool. Also it is easy to find a partner just for a night or someone who can be your sponsor for an evening.
    o I came to Las Vegas absolutely alone and my aim was to have fun and make a lot of nasty photos :)
    I met one handsome man & we went to Lax nightclub. It was only one nightclub that I visited at the Sin City but it was enough for me to understand that I am really a bad girl :) . I liked the design of this building and I liked that there was a crowd of young people who do whatever they want without any constraints.
    Next time when I will go to Las Vegas I will do two things. First of all, I will take my friends with me. Secondly, I will find another guy who can be a better sponsor for my vacation ;)


  2. Caitlin

    6 years ago

    My friends have decided this year to celebrate the reunion here. We’ve been looking for a suitable place, because it had to be a decent place and interesting entertainment. We chose Sunset Park. It was the greatest place for entertainment, we’ve seen. Opportunity to make a barbecue didn’t make us think long)) I will definitely come back again, because there can be fun for both adults and children. Very nice place!
    Park is a large area where everyone can do everything they want in the fresh air. We were there at the time, held as a festival of color or sth like that. I do not know what festival it was, but I definitely want to go there again!


  3. Paul

    6 years ago

    My wife Jasmine and I always dreamed of getting married and spending our honeymoon in Las Vegas. But we couldn’t make our dreams come true because of some reasons. So when the question where to celebrate our 5th wedding anniversary arose we packed suitcases quickly, took all our savings and went to Las Vegas.
    First of all, Las Vegas is considered to be the world capital of gambling business; you can hear the jingle of coins in slot machines at every step, even at the airport. But we as lovers of the bright eventful life were attracted by another peculiarity of the city – entertainments. We made a plan of our vacation beforehand: we visited different museums and exhibitions, saw the sights in the daytime, and fully plunged into the city night life at night.
    We decided to stay at the Emerald Suites hotel, not far from Las Vegas Strip. We got a rather comfortable room, access to swimming pool and gym at moderate prices. The absence of the restaurant at the hotel may seem the only disadvantage but it wasn’t a problem for us because we returned to the hotel only for sleeping.
    Las Vegas is just a wonderful city. It is an ordinary megalopolis in the daytime, but at night the life energy awakes in the city. Las Vegas abounds with bright multicolored lights and signs and is filled with stirring music and shows.
    At the very first day I advise you to walk down Las Vegas Strip where different restaurants, casinos and fashionable hotels are concentrated. You will visit New York, Venice, Paris, even the Ancient Rome and the medieval castle not leaving the city, because every hotel in itself is nothing but a small copy of the most famous world monuments and cities. I can assure you that it is just astonishing!
    If you are not afraid of height, you are welcome to the Stratosphere Tower. You can not only admire the whole city from 300 m height but also get a lot of adrenalin and emotions going on one of the rides on the top of the tower. As for me, I just watched this thrilling spectacle.
    One more thing that impressed me in Las Vegas is the Bellagio fountain show. To say that is stunning is to say nothing. You are just entranced with amazement and admiration which arise when you look at this game of light, music and water!
    I would like to say in conclusion: Las Vegas is the most popular city in the world. It attracts sophisticated gamblers and ordinary tourists by its eventful life and entertainments, risk and adrenalin, dreams and wishes. Someone is disappointed, someone leaves the city full of happiness and impressions but nobody remains indifferent…


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