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Passion on the Lizard Island

You don’t know where to go for your honeymoon vacation? Lose yourselves in famous resorts in Australia, which are located on the east and south coast of the country. Why not go to Lizard Island where your honeymoon dreams will come true? Attracted by amazing beautiful images of magnificent beaches and turquoise waters you should come to one of the most ideal honeymoon destinations to have the time of your life.

Lizard Island is considered a cozy and comfortable home for every honeymoon couple. It offers luxurious hotels with excellent accommodation, conveniently located close to the beaches with lush tropical plants there. If you book honeymoon packages here, you will be in the right place at the right time for your unforgettable vacation.

Diving in the Lizard Island

Diving in the Lizard Island

If you are eager to start your own exploration of the ocean floor during your romantic vacation, Lizard Island and Great Barrier Reef are the perfect places for your interests. Experience the mysterious excitement of the deepness which waits for a lovely honeymoon couple.

You can also enjoy an excellent food and drink at first-class restaurants and cafes there.  Ospreys Restaurant is one of the most well-known restaurants on Lizard Island. It is famous for its exclusive cuisine which is very popular among visitors. If you want to have a romantic honeymoon picnic at night under the bright light of the moon, you can enjoy it on a private white sandy beach and meet the dawn in a passionate embrace of each other.

honeymoon lizard island

Be sure, you will never forget your honeymoon destination with its fascinating beauty and unique atmosphere of everlasting love! Your visit there is a must!

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