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Honeymoon on the Lizard Island

If you have just been married and want to go somewhere to have an exotic honeymoon and be alone – you are welcome to try the Lizard Island in Australia.

For sure it will be the perfect honeymoon location for you. Its long beaches were certainly created for two young people to have a romantic time together. There are only forty villas on the island and this is the main factor for you to have your ‘own sandy beach’ for the period of your honeymoon vacation. You will certainly like to swim in the clear water. What is more, this rather small island of only ten square kilometers is famous for its diving places on the Great Barrier Reef. If you don’t know how to dive you can learn how to snorkel with your personal instructor. But you certainly don’t have to miss the possibility to see all the beauty of water world of this marvelous place. So, even if you don’t manage to learn diving, you ought to visit the tour on the boat with the glass bottom.

Also, the Lizard Island provides you with many other types of entertainment which you will certainly like. They are: tennis, nature walks, SPA, tours to the research station, helicopter tours, diving at night, private fishing.

And, of course, you would like a possibility to have a romantic supper of seven different exotic meals prepared for you by a chief who will also serve it to you in a canopy on the beach near your villa.

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