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London: The City Of Dreams

 Hello everyone! I’m here again to inform you about the interesting facts of my journeys and share my admiration with you.

There are a lot of TV shows about traveling where you can find a great deal of information about the UK, England, and of course, London. However, it’s not the same to see it on TV or with your own eyes. So I was fed up with all these talks and decided to learn what England looks like by myself.

I left my sweet home to feel the wonder of traveling once again.

My plane landed at the Heathrow airport, where I had already felt the English spirit: everything was rather simple but sophisticated, neat, the staff was (at first sight) strict, but they appeared to be very friendly and helpful, little stores were full of things concerning exactly England: Union Jack, English tea and tea sets, souvenirs, such as mini double-decker-buses, red telephone boxes, Big-Bens etc. All those little things created truly English atmosphere. I was inspired by it and was ready to open new horizons.

I reached my hostel at the center of London (it was really poor, but it was cheapest one and the location was perfect), left my things, took a guide brochure and rushed to go sight-seeing. It took me 10 minutes to reach the Trafalgar square, I was shocked by the scale of it (monuments, fountain, buildings, loads of people, wonderful!!).

I was sitting for a while dangling my feet in fountain and went on my tour. Hardly had I moved off the square, when I met a group of people with the travel guide, who had a tour. Not thinking for a long time, I decided to join them – and I did not regret. We managed to walk around almost the whole center of London all day long (Westminster Abbey, The Houses of Parliament (obligatory photos with Big Ben), Westminster Cathedral, Buckingham Palace, Piccadilly Street, The Tower of London and its bridge and having a picnic in the biggest park in London – the Hyde Park. It was only the smallest part of London that we could see and I was happy that there was the whole week ahead.

We succeeded to get acquainted with some people of the group and, after all, we were totally exhausted and decided to try the real national English cuisine, and by the way, I had to charge my iPhone, because it was discharged after all our photos with London places of interest. Fortunately, I always have in my travel bag the Volts Lightning Cable for my iPhone. I knew that London is one of the most expensive cities in the world, so I had learned some info about local cafes with reasonable prices and tasty dishes in advance. It took about 30 minutes to come to Fitzrovia, where this place was. It was a cosy cafe with benches outside and lovely atmosphere inside, there were even English people who were having their dinner, they looked nice and friendly, cashiers were talkative, that is not typical for the English. I ordered Scotch egg with Roast beef and for dessert – famous English apple pie with tea. It was gorgeous!

Finally, I was full and happy that it was not the end of my journey and many interesting things would wait for me next days. I guarantee it is worth to visit London and thank you that you go on staying with me. See you soon, bye!travel to london


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