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Los Angeles – The City of Angels

Los Angeles is a place which offers you the rich urban life with multiple tastes: here you can enjoy warm beaches, bustling nightlife, endless shopping, special culture and funny people watching.

It is a place where you can choose every activity, every kind of pastime you wish – and be sure you will be satisfied with the result. Traveling to Los Angeles is an easy way to satisfy wishes of both of you during your honeymoon vacation. As you’ve already understood, Los Angeles is not only a posh city with upscale hotels and trendy boutiques. It is also long white-sand beaches with soft sand where you can enjoy the bright Californian sun.

hollywood honeymoon

When you are traveling to Los Angeles, the first thing you have to do, undoubtedly, is to visit the capital of the world’s entertainment industry – Hollywood. Take pictures of you in front of the famous Hollywood sign, have a stroll down the Walk of Fame, watch those Oscars in the Kodak Theater, and just enjoy yourselves. Maybe you will meet some world-known celebrities here, so don’t hide your camera too quick!

You may even try and get tickets to participate in some TV show. Of course, as an audience. A little tip (let it be our small secret, ok?): the more nicely you will dress the better seats you will get (but try to avoid white colors – they don’t suite the cameras).

Having enjoyed the air of fame and cameras buzz, why not have a small shopping trip? You can start it right there, in Hollywood, walking down the famous Melrose Avenue, which boasts to be abundant in different shops and restaurants. Actually, Los Angeles is full of different shops – just have a small walk around, and you will buy anything you want.

los angeles honeymoon vacation

Then, don’t forget to turn at least one day of your honeymoon vacation into a breathtaking adventure. Observe exhilarating parks of Los Angeles (some of them are really big!), try visiting the Botanical Gardens – it definitely has something to surprise you!

A good idea will be also to go to the beach and have your sunbathing time there! The ocean is always waiting for you in this city! Just choose the beach – and head straight there! For example, consider the Santa Monica beach (which is quite a large one – you’ll love it) or the Venice beach (here you can feel the air of the Venetian Carnival all year round).

los angeles beach

Mind that traveling to Los Angeles is good anytime (there are very few rainy days in the year). However, the temperatures differ. In winter you can expect 60 – 70°F, while in summer 80 – 100°F. The temperatures are lower near the coast, so take that into consideration as well while planning your honeymoon.

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5 Comments → “ Los Angeles – The City of Angels ”

  1. ivan

    4 years ago

    Nice place to go and have fun! I invite you to Ecco Hollywood night club at Hollywood district at Los Angeles. Please don’t miss it.


  2. Loveman

    6 years ago

    I’m a real party animal. And I came from New York to Los Angeles just to have fun and relax. I was full of positive energy and Los Angeles helped me to reveal this power. I read plenty of twits and blogs about the City of Angels and nightlife in it. I was at Ecco Hollywood night club. It is a special club for the real clubbers. Every Thursday night you can dance and forget about averything at Ecco Hollywood night club. At this special place you can dive into the atmosphere of wild drum’n'bass party. Play me Thursdays are special regular events where you can meet non-traditional and informal youth! I invite you to Ecco Hollywood night club at Hollywood district at Los Angeles. Please don’t miss it.


  3. Laura

    6 years ago

    This May was the first time that I’ve been to Los Angeles when coming there to get acquainted with the family of my fiancé. First of all, I was really amazed at the sizes of this city, especially when seen from the window of a plane! If you live in a big city you’ll never understand my feelings at that time!!!! The very first evening Steve brought me to Venice beach which was fantastic! By the way, even in the evening there are surfers who try to catch a wave. Several days after we went to Hollywood and I’ve seen where celebrities live. We were also invited to take part in a show (don’t remember what), as the audience, of course! but Steve was against that. So if you are there don’t reject, it must be an extraordinary experience!


  4. Theo

    6 years ago

    This place is widely advertised by Jeff McQuillan in his ESL podcast. I like his phrase “…from the beautiful Los Angeles, California!” :-D


  5. Ted

    6 years ago

    Nice place to go and have fun!


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