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Mackinac Island honeymoon

If you want to have a quiet and calm honeymoon vacation somewhere off the beaten track, your choice should definitely fall on the Mackinac Island! Conveniently placed near the place where the two lakes – Huron and Michigan – meet, this island seems to be difficult to reach. But if you get there, on no account will you want to leave this perfect honeymoon travel destination.

The wide range of different hotels offer you everything you want – from humble simplicity to posh luxury. Whatever you choose, the most important thing is that you’ve made a right choice when coming to the Mackinac Island!

Grand Hotel Mackinac Island

Bear in mind that it is better to choose this romantic place as your honeymoon travel destination between June and early September. Of course, if you want to have some extreme, you can get here in winter – cross-country skiing or enjoy carriage rides drawn by horses, but remember it is really cold here in that season!

You will hardly find any other island in USA 80 per cent of which are made up by a state park. Here you should not be surprised that the most popular means of transport here is horseback riding. Undoubtedly, you can get around the island on foot or hire a mountain bike. You will definitely choose something out of these three, as there is a lot of stuff to see: impressive limestone rocks, spectacular secluded beaches, and even old cemeteries of high historic value.

Honeymoon in Fort Mackinac

Don’t forget to have a tour to the Fort Mackinac, which is known to be a military outpost in past and a precious historic landmark in present. A perfect view opens from the place where the Fort stands. If you want to enjoy it even more, have a meal in its Tea Room – its windows overlook a breathtaking view of the Mackinac Island’s harbor.

Finally, don’t forget to take a romantic ride in a horse-drawn carriage where you would be able to feel the magic atmosphere of the island. These moments will make your honeymoon vacation unforgettable!

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2 Comments → “ Mackinac Island honeymoon ”

  1. Maria

    6 years ago

    Mackinac Island is a place where you can spend your time in harmony with nature. I confirm that the variety of nature there is incredible. If you like neither hot nor rainy weather than it is the correct place for you. I and my husband enjoyed going to Mackinac Island in spring. Want to ask why? Because the smells of nature are unbelievable and the palette of colors is great. Here you can hear the voice of nature. Different little colorful birds begin singing songs especially for you from the earliest morning. I think that the best place to see and hear all this beauty of Mackinac Island is Grand hotel which is situated near the water and has a great panorama view. The porch of this hotel is so long that you can easily do your morning jogging along it. Also near the Grand hotel you can find the vast Tea Garden that makes the atmosphere of presents in wild nature.
    I wish you to have a great experience at this island.


  2. David

    6 years ago

    Oh, Mackinac Island! It is awesome ! ! ! If you like nature it is a correct place for you. Here you can find a vast variety of terrain, including fields, bogs, marshes, forests, coastline and limestone formations. Also it is a nice place for people who don’t have much money, but enjoy traveling. Here you can easily put up a tent and camp. It is a great opportunity to meet little Blue Jay) Blue Jay is one of Mackinac Island’s resident birds. It will be difficult to find this birdie somewhere else.
    If you have a child you can find out about scouts here. Every summer the Scout program is opening for girls and boys. So you can spend time with your lovely wife while your children will be serving as volunteers. Right now my son is 18 years old but he still remembered that special and unforgettable time at the Mackinac Island Governor’s Honor Guard. It was great time for him to become a real man. And for me and my wife it was great time to show our love to each other!


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