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When you get here, you can get befuddled by the unique mixture of laid-back southern atmosphere with a highly urbanized and modern life of the megalopolis. Here, taking a romantic midnight stroll you can meet an elderly woman walking and enjoying herself, or see numerous boisterous groups of young people searching for the restaurant to have an evening meal.

Of course, it is Madrid, a perfect honeymoon travel destination for those who want to immerse in exquisite Spanish culture and have the everlasting impression of your unforgettable honeymoon.

Whether you admire art or not, you should understand that traveling to Madrid will be worthless unless you visit the main Spanish museum and art center, Museo del Prado. Here you will have a chance to observe the works of greatest national artists, and therefore, love this country even more. Furthermore, you will have a perfect possibility to spend a romantic evening in the shades of numerous trees gathered from all over the world and growing in the garden of the ancient museum.

Madrid Gran Via Spain

Madrid Gran Via Spain

You may not believe, but people-watching is quite an interesting pastime in this honeymoon travel destination. Just sit down in some busy place and enjoy the locals of all ages walking here and there and having fun. Don’t be shy to kick off some conversation with them, as Spaniards are really friendly and easy-going people – you will never get bored with them!

Actually, Madrid is the place where you on no account will be hungry or thirsty. Restaurants, bars, outdoor cafes and pubs – all they are waiting for you to come in, ready to fill you with the most delicious food and drinks, always happy to welcome you once more.

They will never let you go until you taste some tapas, which are traditional Spanish snacks, and drink some copa – a mixed drink, frequently with large doses of alcohol for you to feel better and more cheerful. After tasting it, be sure you will have a night-long party in one of the various dance clubs which are open 24 hours a day. It will be really fantastic.

Modern Madrid

Modern Madrid

If you don’t want to go dancing, enjoy theater shows or operas, musical or dancing performances. Whatever you choose, remember that Madrid will never leave you bored and apathetic at night.

Bear in mind that the best time for traveling to Madrid is a period between September and November or between April and June. Winter and summer are not recommended times for having honeymoon here, as it is either too hot or too cold here.

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3 Comments → “ Madrid ”

  1. Surya

    5 years ago

    I have lived in Madrid for several years.  It is an amazing place.  There are so many entertaining options.  So many monuments, so much culture and history.  A very interesting monument that many people do not know about is the Temple of Debod, an ancient Egyptian temple which was donated by Egypt’s authorities in 1968 and was later rebuilt in Madrid’s Parque del Oeste, near the Royal Palace.  For those who love world music, like me,  there is an annual festival called “Mantras”, which takes in the Fernán Gómez Threatre and other venues.  Artists from all over the world (Mongolia, Tibet, India,etc.) have performed in the event 


  2. Bruce

    6 years ago

    We decided to fly to Europe for a month. We wanted to see Europe and we wanted to find out how we’d will feel together for such a long period of time. When we arrived to Spain the great impression was produced by Madrid Barajas International Airport. The architecture was so modern and creative.
    We developed some kind of our trip activity. Everyday we had to visit 2 places of historical interest and one park or garden.
    Of course, we saw a lot in Madrid. We liked the citizens very much. They were so kind and open to us (maybe because we had nice smiles) ;) It was easy to find everything we wanted, because in Madrid you can find a lot of information desks on each corner. I think that special attention you should pay on Campo del Moro gardens. At this garden you can have a rest and satisfy your hunger in enriching your cultural level. These gardens are situated near The Royal Palace from west part. You can find different monuments, fountains and trees that grow geometrically. If you will go a little bit farther you will see Manzanares River. So if you will be in Madrid you should find some time to see the natural beauty of this ancient Spanish city.


  3. Mark

    6 years ago

    Frankly saying, I don’t like to travel at all. But my crazy friends from Virginia are real party animals. At one of our friend’s party Friday meeting we decided to travel to Spain to Madrid without our girls. Madrid is the city that includes ancient mystery and modern life. We read a lot about different places of interest in Madrid. So we went to Prado Museum to enrich our knowledge about history and culture of Spain. Museum was incredible but I would like to tell you a few words about youth night life in the park that is situated near Prado Museum. First of all the design of The Royal Botanical Garden is so peaceful and enjoyable. As evidence of it at summer night you can find a lot of different teenagers and adults groups drinking booze on benches and grass.
    The Spanish youth have even a special word for this time-spending. They called it ‘botellón from word “bottle”. So if you will come into Madrid and you don’t know where you can spend time together with your friends you should go with them Royal Botanical Garden where you can meet new friends or even find beautiful Spanish wife ;)


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