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Magical Honeymoon in Lanai

The island of Lanai, situated right in the middle of the biggest ocean in the world, lavishly offers wonderful possibilities for the best honeymoon vacation in the world.

The island has everything which makes a romantic destination really perfect: relaxed atmosphere, unspoiled nature, luxurious beaches and boutique hotels. At times, you start thinking it was created especially for the newlywed couples to spend their most romantic time together here.

Lanai is told to boast the driest weather and clearest waters, but, unlike the neighboring Maui, it gets much less crowded, thus you can enjoy a secluded vacation and get the most from your honeymoon.

Lanai perfect honeymoon

If you’re tired after a hectic time of your wedding planning, Lanai will be just what the doctor ordered. Here you will never find anything reminding you about the rat race of the urban everyday life: no traffic lights, bustling squares, nightclubs, fast food restaurants and numerous buses which always carry crowds of loud tourists. Lanai is not the place where you have to cram lots of activities (each considered to be a “must”) into the short period of your vacation. Of course, Lanai can offer different things to do in order to make your honeymoon more vividly memorable. But, as it is said, there are not too many things to do.

If you adore hiking, or just want to create a pleasant surprise for your spouse, hike the island’s only mountain, Lana’ihale. From its top you will not only see the whole island, but also enjoy the view of Maui. (Why not send a greeting to people over there using the Morse code and a mirror?)

Lanai romantic beach

Lanai romantic beach

Water sports are very popular on this island. The azure clear waters give great possibilities for snorkeling and scuba diving, kayaking and sailing being popular here as well.

The Dole Park, situated in the island’s only city, is a renowned place for picnics and relaxed walks, so when you’ll be walking around the city, why not explore this interesting place?

However, if you think that the island is lacking cultural activities, you should know about several art galleries (again, located in the city) where you can satisfy your cultural hunger.

Enjoy your Lanai honeymoon travel

Enjoy your Lanai honeymoon travel

As almost everywhere else in Hawaii, you can enjoy playing golf here at several different golf courses. If you or your beloved still don’t know to play golf, you can consider your honeymoon vacation as a high time to learn how to play it.

In other words, the island of Lanai is a tranquil place for a calm and laid-back though interesting and memorable honeymoon vacation.

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