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Magical Honeymoon in Norway

It is said that Norway is a country of many unknowns. Despite inheriting a remarkable Viking culture whose influence is felt as far as North America, most of the country remains to be discovered and explored. One thing is known for sure: you will be left utterly breathless at its beauty and cosmopolitan sophistication. It is a country of the Norse culture and heroic sagas as well as famous explorers,  a country of  untamed nature,  fjords,  and Northern lights; a land of urban finesse and unspoiled grace of the Sami traditions. The northernmost European country  leaves indelible impressions on any visitor, and this is the reason why it is one of the top romantic honeymoon destinations for couples who seek to avoid standard tourist getaways, yet want to stay in Europe.

Despite its immenseness, the actual population of Norway is rather small and concentrated in a few big urban centres. This means that most of the countryside is either sparsely inhabited or represents complete wilderness. Norwegians are great admirers of their motherland’s natural endowments; therefore, they invest a lot of efforts into protecting the environment. There are many national parks that preserve the pristine condition of fjords, glaciers and forests and these are easily accessible by visitors. No matter what area you visit, you are bound to experience different scenery. North Norway is famous for its coastal communities, dog sledging, tundra, midnight sun (due to proximity to the Arctic circle), alpine mountains and ….lots of reindeer. Without any doubts, it is a very romantic place to visit: in the summer, the Sun never sets, so nighttime is almost as bright as daytime, and if you decide to travel there in the winter, you will be mesmerized by aurora borealis!

Southern Norway is regionally known as a cottage country. It is best to visit in the summer when many city dwellers move into their small, yet cozy white cottages. There are many small idyllic islands where you can hike, canoe, kayak, or hike through. Most of Norway’s population, however, lives in Eastern part. It is famous for forests, one of the tallest mountains in Europe - Galdhøpiggen – and, of course, its capital Oslo. Despite its relatively small size, Oslo has a number of not-to-be missed attractions, such as Akerhus Castle that dates back to 1299, Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, DogA, the Norwegian Centre for Design and Architecture, Hadeland Glassverk, a workshop where you can blow your own glass and learn about its history, or the Viking Ship Museum. But even if you visit the city only for a day, you should visit a truly bizarre open-air sculpture museum – The Vigelandsparken.  It is hard to explain the sensations aroused by the giant figures- it has to be seen!

Furthermore, this honeymoon destination is worthy to visit all the year round, as there are always lots of activities to make your vacation a really unforgettable experience. Actually, skiing is one of the most popular activities here in Norway, being available from December to April in abundance.

In addition, Bergen, a city considered to be the country’s cultural capital, has lots of things to interest and entertain you. Visit the traditional open-air fish market and taste some local dainties. Visit the Bergen Aquarium and astonish the wide variety of the underwater species (there can be lots of tourists with children, though).

honeymoon traveling norway

What is more, the city of Trondheim will give you the chance to ensure once more that you have chosen the best honeymoon destination you could ever imagine. In the Ringve Museum you will get stunned with the large collection of musical instruments from all over the world. You will even be able to listen to some of the instruments played by the special staff. Also, it is worth mentioning that the museum is surrounded by the Ringve Botanical Gardens, another great place to have a romantic walk and take a good dozen of pictures.

Finally, Norway is a perfect honeymoon travel destination for those who want to enjoy a cultural vacation as well as a romantic and unusual vacation. It is a country worth visiting every time, both before and after your honeymoon. It is one of those places which everybody should see!

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