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Magical Honeymoon in Sardinia

Sardinia is a beautiful Italian island located west of the mainland in the Mediterranean sea. It has a lot to offer newlyweds thinking about honeymoon travel destination. Its most valuable assets are unspoiled coastline with amazing beaches, stunning landscapes and a unique romantic atmosphere that reigns over the island.

There are 3 national and 10 regional parks on the island. Reserves cover about 25% of Sardinia’s territory. So, during your honeymoon vacation you may not only stroll over the island wandering its magnificent landscapes with gorges, lakes, and waterfalls but also see some rare and uncommon animals.

But forest or mountain trips aren’t the main reason of traveling to Sardinia for honeymoon, are they? As it has been mentioned above, Sardinia is famous for its numerous beaches and warm azure blue sea. You may find uncrowded beaches in a walking distance to a city where you may taste traditional Sardinian cuisine in local restaurants.

best honeymoon resort

By the way, local cuisine with its wide variety of seafood is really praiseworthy. What is more, Sardinia is famous for its vintages – Sella & Mosca in Alghero is one of the largest vineyards in Europe but not the only one on the island. Sardinian wines seem to be created for romantic honeymoon evenings.

And speaking about accommodations: Sardinian cities and countryside can offer you not only perfect hotels but also please your eye with rich cultural and architectural heritage: Cagliari, Sardinia’s capital city, shows great Medieval architecture, Nora is an example of an ancient Roman provincial city, and you may find numerous architectural monuments that trace back to the prehistoric ages all over the island. Sardinia is the ideal honeymoon travel destination for those newlyweds who are keen on history.

Honeymoon in Sardinia

In conclusion, traveling to Sardinia offers great possibilities for adventurous newlyweds. Try your hand in windsurfing or kite surfing. Experience the wonder of horseback ride on the beaches, groves or in the mountains. Charter a yacht and explore stunning Sardinian coastline. But don’t forget about sunbathing!

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2 Comments → “ Magical Honeymoon in Sardinia ”

  1. Roma

    5 years ago

    It’s beautiful! I would like to visit Sardinia.


  2. Louise

    5 years ago

    Great article! I love Sardinia!  Its beaches, its mountains…  One of my favourite parts of the island is Alghero’s old centre, a resort at the north-west of the island, with an amazing classic feel of an ancient Italian town. 


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