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Mallorca – Perfect Destination for a Beach Honeymoon

The Spanish island of Mallorca (also called Majorka) is one of the most beautiful and popular Mediterranean tourist spots that rivals even the Canary Islands and Ibiza. This lush and mountainous place is an excellent honeymoon travel destination for people who are drawn to abundant and fragrant flora, terraced ancient streets,  balmy beaches, luxury hotels and simple yet incredibly delicious local dishes.

Even though Spanish and Catalan are two major languages spoken here, you can get away knowing only English.  The locals are very friendly and welcoming and will do their best to understand everything you want to tell them. Otherwise, buy an English-Spanish phrasebook – it will really help you in the most common situations.

Romantic honeymoon in Mallorca

Romantic honeymoon in Mallorca

Mallorca seems to be created to suit all visitors’ tastes. Whether you like golden beaches where you can enjoy the turquoise waters and the sun along with a high-end service, walk the coastline and hike some challenging mountain trails, explore stalagmite caves, unspoiled coves and dramatic gorges, get lost in the fragrant mix of  blossoming honeysuckle and citrus, fig and olive trees,  dip freshly-baked bread into locally grown and made olive oil, Mallorca has it all.

But if you want to make your honeymoon vacation even more romantic, the island offers you numerous secluded beaches where you can derive  the utmost joy from the nature, the sun, the water and each other.  The reason why some beaches are vacant is because there are no direct routes to them, and many people prefer stay near their hotel. So to get there,  you’ll have to drive a bit, and then walk. It is definitely worthwhile  your efforts – just try it, and you’ll never want to return to the crowdy beach near your resort.

This honeymoon travel destination will never leave you disappointed: its boutique hotels, perfect and unforgettable scenery, and late-night entertainment will always make you want to come back to Mallorca once again. You’ll love it here!

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2 Comments → “ Mallorca – Perfect Destination for a Beach Honeymoon ”

  1. Rural Hotels Mallorca

    5 years ago

    I fully agree with you, Mallorca is the perfect place for a honey moon! When I first came to the island about 8 years ago I was very skeptic and thought the whole island would be like Magaluf… But if one just avoids those few exploited areas (Magaluf, El Arenal, Santa Ponca etc.) the natural beauty on the island is just amazing. The mountains on the west coast are spectacular with its picturesque small villages and small coves for swimming, there are also some excellent walks & hikes that one can do in this region. Then in the central parts of the island the flat country side is wonderful with plenty of vineyards, and in the southern parts some of the best beaches on the island can be found such as Es Trenc…


  2. Mark

    6 years ago

    Great article!  Mallorca is a place where you will never be bored! La Seu, the Cathedral of Mallorca, is one of the world’s greatest Gothic churches.  It reflects the history of Mallorca, as well as its art and faith.  It is one of the many historic buildings of this stunning island.


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