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If you are interested in a memorable and romantic honeymoon destination, Malta would be a really great choice! This is an archipelago in the Central Mediterranean consisting of three main islands and some small islands and rocks. Only main islands – Malta, Gozo, and Comino – are large enough to be inhabited – and they have the highest density of population in the whole Europe. Strategic importance of Malta’s location is the main reason that this country has unique and rich culture – it reflects the cultures of nations that ruled Malta for long periods as well as the cultures of neighboring Mediterranean countries. That’s why couples interested in history often choose Malta as the destination for their honeymoon. Travelling to Malta will give you a chance to see the oldest temples in the world – Neolithic Temples with exciting bas-reliefs or the oldest manmade freestanding structure in the world – Ggantija, which was built by the first settlers on the island. You should see The Hypogeum – thrilling underground formation and enjoy the peace of exciting Maltese temples such as Hagar Qim or Tarxien Temple. You may be sure that Maltese beautiful architecture will make a great impression on you.

 romantic honeymoon malta

Of course, discovering the secrets of Malta’s historical heritage is very interesting and captivating occupation but during the romantic honeymoon newlyweds need some rest and leisure. The fact is that there are not so many sandy beaches in Malta but indented coastline gives you a chance to find an intimate rocky bay where you and your beloved can enjoy marvelous sunsets over exotic landscapes of the islands. Or you may just rent a car and travel all over the country.

Adventuresome people will appreciate the fact that there are 1200 rock climbing routes, because Malta’s small size makes climbing quite easily accessible. If you want to add some extraordinary experience to your honeymoon, explore the underwater world by scuba diving or try your hand in steering a yacht.

Malta honeymoon packages

After all big events you can fortify yourself in numerous Maltese restaurants. The cuisine is not the exceptional one but still delicious. Taste the local dish – the traditional fenkata (stewed or fried rabbit).

So, all things considered, Malta is the ideal honeymoon travel destination where you can find adventures, incredible history, beautiful sights – and relax being alone with your beloved. There are a number of good-quality hotels available on the island. All you should do is to enjoy romantic honeymoon in Malta!

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  1. Marina

    5 years ago

    the fairy tale of Malta. you can fall in love with it’s ancienty, wildness, sea, air. not at once, at the first sight, but forever. I love you, Malta!


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