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Martinique romantic honeymoon

If you are a newlywed couple still thinking about a place where to go for honeymoon, stop immediately! The best choice for you is already made, as Martinique had been fairly given the status of the best destination in the Caribbean. As far as you’ve understood, it is consequently the best honeymoon destination as well. Frequently called the “Island of Flowers”, this island will definitely bring you lots of romantic moments.

There you will definitely find a perfect place for you to stay: not only your budget will be saved (as here you can easily find a wide range of cheap honeymoon packages), but also you will find something that suits both of you perfectly.

Romantic honeymoon in Martinique

Romantic honeymoon in Martinique

If you had started guessing about the best time to travel to Martinique concerning the weather, remember that there is no bad weather or low temperatures here. The temperatures here vary very slightly around 79°F, which gives Martinique as a honeymoon destination another advantage. However, keep in mind that you can enjoy the best prices here from July to November.

Of course, the main thing you will adore doing here is relaxing on the sunny beaches and sunbathing. Don’t forget that it doesn’t matter whether you’ve got a luxurious and ritzy honeymoon or you’ve ordered one of those cheap honeymoon packages, the whole richness of the Caribbean waters is available for you here. Feel the turquoise tranquility of the warm and crystal pure water, and understand that you could choose nothing better while thinking where to go for honeymoon.

Martinique - the best place for a honeymoon

Martinique - the best place for a honeymoon

Actually, you will never get bored here. If you think that the only thing one can do here is sunbathing and lazing on the beach, you are totally wrong. Lots of diving adventures are waiting for you here, and skillful instructors are always ready to help the beginners.

You can also spend a day having a romantic stroll around Fort-de-France. Enjoy the rich masterpieces of architecture, and imagine yourself living in the times of Emperess Josephine at the Musee de la Pagerie.

Fort-de-France in Martinique

Fort-de-France in Martinique

Finally, if you travel to Martinique you will get unforgettable experience, tons of positive emotions and lots of deep impressions. Anyway, your honeymoon in Martinique will be the best event in your life!

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2 Comments → “ Martinique romantic honeymoon ”

  1. Caterina

    5 years ago

    As for me, this place is something special.
    Here you can find sandy beaches, French-speaking citizens and a wild tropical forest.
    I and my darling girl went there, because we read some comments on websites for adults about time spending at Fort-de-France in Martinique. One girl told that there she and her gf got into atmosphere of full relax and fun at this Fort. Heh :) We decided to do the same thing :) this experience is unbelievable and incredible.
    Also you can find Cascade de saut Gendarme waterfall. It is the magical place to spend time together with your beloved person. There you can easily forget that you are a New York citizen. But for us it was a problem to leave this island and go home to our concrete caves with millions of inhabitants :(


  2. Mary

    6 years ago

    My boyfriend and I spent a week in Martinique, the wonderful island with white sand beaches and rainforests. We chose Hotel Diamant Les Bains. We lived at the bungalow near the beach and had our own garden area, table chairs and enjoyed the great view from there. Hotel food is excellent! We enjoyed fresh fruits, cheese, bread, juices, homemade cakes and jam. The staff is friendly and they speak English. As for French, it’ wasn’t a problem. I speak French and I had an opportunity to practise it. Except sunbathing, swimming, relaxing on the beach and diving we visited some tourist attractions. One day we rented a car and went to Balata Gardens. The garden is located near Fort de France. There you can see lots of exotic flowers, plants, birds singing in the trees. Clement House is also a very interesting sight. It is a traditional creole house with the plantation’s rum factory. There is a very fine shop where you can taste and buy different types of rum. And of course our tour included the concert of the famous dance company De Grands Ballets de la Martinique. They perform traditional island dances. They are great! A lot of positive emotions! Our vacation in Martinique was so romantic, relaxing that we hope to visit this island in the future.


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