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Marvellous Solomon Islands

Worldwide known American writer Jack London portrayed this archipelago in his famous novel “The Cruise of the Snark” and in many perfect short stories.

Of course, the Solomon Islands in London’s works don’t seem to be an ideal honeymoon resort. Horrible Solomon Islands! Extremely exotic and deathly dangerous… But it was the beginning of twentieth century. And what do we have now?

Today the Solomon Islands are still extremely exotic but absolutely not dangerous! This archipelago, consisting of nearly one thousand islands, has become very popular tourist travel destination. And you may choose it for your honeymoon vacation.

The Solomon Islands is the place where you can take a rest and spend the memorable honeymoon far from crowded and bustling cities. Their unspoiled nature is the perfect stage for celebration of the beginning of new life. You may stay in a bungalow on a beach and enjoy starlit honeymoon dinners or choose the most appropriate accommodation in one of many hotels that the Solomon Islands can offer you. The cities on the largest islands, such as Guadalcanal or Malaita, have great choice of luxurious five-star hotels, as well as cheaper accommodations.

Solomons Honeymoon Vacation

What is more, honeymoon vacation on the Solomon Islands is a great chance for sports enthusiasts to content themselves with different kinds of sport activities, like surfing, diving, swimming, mountain climbing, bush walking and many others.

Stunning scenery of the Solomon Islands was a background of a great deal of historical events. Inquiring couples choosing the archipelago for honeymoon will get to know so many new things! Don’t forget that the Solomon Islands have the unique culture, and visiting local villages you will see the islanders’ custom dances, representing their mythology, fine wood carvings – an embodiment of their spiritual world… This part of your honeymoon vacation will look like a travel in time.

You reach the honeymoon resort of the Solomon Islands by air – the international airport is located at Honiara, the capital city. You may also choose sea voyage – the Solomon Islands have three large ports at Guadalcanal, Russel Islands and New Georgia.

Romantic Honeymoon on Guadalcanal

And at last: no matter if you choose a honeymoon package or get to the islands by yourself – make sure that you took anti-malaria medicines. It will not let the disease to spoil your honeymoon vacation on the Solomon Islands.

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3 Comments → “ Marvellous Solomon Islands ”

  1. Mr. Ursus

    5 years ago

    It’s looks like paradise on Earth


  2. Yurij

    5 years ago

    It is charming.


  3. Marina Pidoplichko

    5 years ago

    More and more often nowadays I would like to stay alone or with my man on such an island, calm and cosy, far away from noisy and dusty streets of modern cities with its crowds of people, skyscrapers, loud cars and all the rest means of civilization. Only the sky and the sea, plants and birds beside you.


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