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Mauritius: You’ll Think It’s Heaven

Mauritius is one of those few places which have the impeccable reputation of perfect romantic destinations. Situated in the warm Indian Ocean, this island is told to be created in the very beginning. And then heaven was copied from it.

If you have not been to Mauritius yet, you had never experienced true bliss and relaxed happiness. In search of ideal (yes, we mean that) honeymoon you should choose only Mauritius. One can hardly find a better place for the unforgettable honeymoon vacation. Here you can experience a wide range of watersports, laying on white sandy beaches, and relaxing on beautiful resorts.

Those lucky honeymoon couples who decide to travel to Mauritius frequently head straight to the well-known Grand Bay. This beach resort area contains everything one can need for an active and interesting honeymoon vacation: beaches, restaurants, nightclubs and watersports. The latter are presented in a very wide choice: scuba diving, snorkeling, waterskiing, windsurfing, parasailing and many other water activities.

mauritius honeymoon

Don’t miss your opportunity to visit Labourdonnais Orchard and get stunned by the rich abundance of beautiful plants and exotic trees here. Also, take your time to go to the Triolet Shivala village and adore the largest Hindu temple on Mauritius.

By the way, if you are not only romance seekers but also compulsive shoppers, Mauritius honeymoon is just what the doctor ordered. Believe it or not, the island is known to be a very cheap shopping spot. Go to Port Louis and enjoy the shopping heaven in its numerous shops and markets! When traveling to Mauritius you risk returning home with much more luggage than intended. You will never regret buying anything here, though. Apart from clothes, you will be glad to taste different local dishes, mainly containing fresh seafood, served by local vendors.

romantic mauritius vacation

Actually, after spending a day or two shopping, you will definitely want to relax somewhere closer to the nature. Your choice will definitely fall on exploring the unique local flora and fauna in the Yemen National Park. Here you will be able to see some species that are found only on this island and nowhere else. Apart from that, you will enjoy great sceneries which will remain in your memory forever. And don’t forget to take your camera!

All in all, Mauritius is the place which is definitely the best vacation spot for even the most experienced or choosy travelers. Your honeymoon in Mauritius will be the time of your life and the best possible beginning of your new life together.

mauritius honeymoon vacation

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