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Meet Bora Bora

There are lots of interesting places in the world to visit, but Bora Bora is one of the best.

Many tourists are eager to visit this volcanic island in French Polynesia. Few days spent here will remain in your memory forever. Married couples arrive here to spend their honeymoon vacation in wonderful luxurious resorts.

Tourism is greatly developed on this island and makes large incomes to the local budget. That is why seven resorts are built in Bora Bora. Each of them looks like a bungalow high over the water. Such constructions provide attractive sceneries and splendid views. You can watch romantic sunrises and sunsets over the two volcanic peaks here. It is truly an unforgettable honeymoon experience.

bora bora honeymoon travel

Visitors come to Bora Bora mainly from May to October, when the temperature is a bit lower and there are almost no rains. This season is considered to be the pick of tourism. If you decide to make your honeymoon travel to Bora Bora there is no need to worry. Tour organizers will offer you the best accommodations, and various activities are free of cost here (like swimming in lagoons with dolphins).

Bora Bora is rich in marine wildlife. You should definitely try deep water fishing – it is really interesting and fun. Join hiking and climbing activities, lagoon cruises and different tours. Believe that it is really awesome to have your romantic honeymoon in Bora Bora.

romantic bora bora honeymoon

Meet the native people — they are very gentle and like to communicate with tourists. Try to immerse in the relaxing atmosphere of this island. You’ll enjoy it greatly! Do not forget to take your camera and make lots of photos! A good idea is to book boats and bicycles, as you’ll use them for sure. It depends on the area and place you live in, though.

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