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Montreal Honeymoon

Want to have a real European honeymoon, with all its romance and beauty, gorgeous architecture and almost all other attributes of the European city, but don’t want to fly overseas for this enjoyment? Then you’re reading the right article. Montreal is a place which will turn your honeymoon vacation into a real fairy-tale without any need to cross the Atlantic.

Stroll down the cozy streets of this romantic honeymoon destination and enjoy the numerous sidewalk cafes. Visit at least one of them and taste a genuine French croissant sipping café au lait and watching the St. Lawrence River like a true Parisian tourist. One of the delights of Montreal is that you can enjoy the city which resembles different European tourist spots. And you can easily imagine you’re in Rome and taste delicious pasta in the nearby café. Or visit another lounge and order a Czech beer which is served in Prague.

montreal honeymoon

What is more, the Old Montreal, the 17th century center of the city, is full of precious places both for history admirers and romantics. The architecture here is impressive, and you cannot get rid of the feeling you are in one of the Old World capitals.

Anyway, a walk through the city will never disappoint you and make your honeymoon vacation unforgettable.

Explore the largest and most beautiful park of Montreal, Mount Royal. Besides being beautiful and romantic, this park is situated on the highest spot of the city. Just imagine sitting together on the bench in the evening and enjoying the perfect view of your honeymoon destination sparkling with lights.

Overall, Montreal is a perfect choice for your honeymoon as it combines the European atmosphere with the Canadian location and offers you lots of romance during the sweet start of your new life.

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