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Moorea: the Island of Your Dreams

The island of Moorea is one of the best destinations for honeymoon traveling in the French Polynesia along with Tahiti and Bora Bora. They say Moorea is even better because of the quietness and the laid-back atmosphere of the island.

You can have it all during your honeymoon vacation on this island: breathtaking views of the mountain ridges, lush green forests, the overwater bungalows, tranquil warm waters, watersports… Enumerating the activities available in this honeymoon travel destination can be really endless.

Lots of people are traveling to Moorea to have a perfect beach vacation. In addition, considering that some hotels can offer you living in the romantic overwater bungalows, the island is also quite a popular spot with honeymooners.

Romantic overwater bungalow for honeymooners

Romantic overwater bungalow for honeymooners

You can choose a beach where to spend a leisurely time: there are both black and white sand beaches (the beaches here are frequently rated in the world’s top best beaches). Besides, everyone is offered quite a wide choice of different water activities here. Scuba diving is perhaps the most popular one, as the island has stunning sceneries not only on the land, but also under the water.

Another popular activity is a tour in the glass bottom boat. It allows you to admire the underwater life and sceneries without having to dive. Such a romantic adventure will add another unforgettable page in the book of your new life and make your honeymoon vacation even more sweet and charming.

moorea romantic honeymoon

Actually, a tour along the Circle-Island Road is a must here, as you will never forget the picturesque views which are perhaps the best you’ve ever seen. You may explore the road and the views of the island yourselves having a perfect time together or take a guide and learn more about the island’s towns and villages, their unique stories and landmarks.

Don’t forget to taste the local dishes at the numerous cafes – you will definitely like them! What is more, what can be better than the romantic dinner with the exquisite Tahitian dishes during the sunset?

Consider traveling to Moorea during its dry season which lasts from May to October, as you can hardly enjoy a pleasant dry weather in different time.

Map of Moorea

Map of Moorea

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