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Posh Mustique Honeymoon

If you search for a place which can be called an ideal honeymoon destination, you’ve found it. Mustique, a tiny Caribbean island, is a place to feel the complete relaxation and forget not only about the troubles of your everyday life, but also about all your bothers and difficulties.

This classy resort seems to be specially designed for the couples to spend their honeymoon vacation here. You can choose from the two upscale hotels which will provide you with everything you want. But this kind of stuff you can find everywhere else. Renting a villa is much more interesting option. All the more so when it is provided with a staff.

Mustique is sometimes called “A Paradise on Invitation” – it is a really chick honeymoon destination. While eating out in the restaurant or strolling along the beach you can run into Bill Gates, Prince William, Jennifer Lopez or Mick Jagger (the latter even has his own villa on the island), or other world-known personalities.

Romantic honeymoon on Mustique

Romantic honeymoon on Mustique

There are nine beaches in Mustique, and each one is unique in its own way. You should definitely try at least two of them, one facing the Atlantic ocean with its high waves and refreshing waters and another on the Caribbean side with its tranquil turquoise waters and relaxing calmness.

After lying on the beach you may want to eat out in one of the three local restaurants or the famous Basil’s Bar. The island’s policy is to minimize the amounts of food from the outside of it. That’s why you’ll have a perfect possibility to enjoy seafood here, while you can surely order anything else you’d like.

Mustique  honeymoon travel

Having the intention to travel to Mustique you should know that it is best as a honeymoon destination all the year round, except of the hurricane season (from September to November).

As you’ve understood, Mustique is a perfect honeymoon destination for those who want to have a secluded and posh vacation and remember this time forever.

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