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High in the mountains, feeling the fresh touch of the clouds on your face and breathing the crystal clear air, you understand that you could find no better honeymoon destination than Nepal.

The picturesque views of the green mountains will leave the lasting impression on you. The stunning richness of flora and fauna, glittering pools and tumbling waterfalls create the magical aura of Himalayan mystery.

Get acquainted with the ancient history mixed with the magic oriental myths and legends, immerse in the wise, bright and unusual cultures, meet open and easy-going people and admire the power of the Nature which created this entire Fairyland.

romantic honeymoon in nepal

However, if you want to explore the megalopolis of the East you cannot but visit Kathmandu, with its colorful casinos, florid bazaars and exotic restaurants.

Actually, there are much more sites in Nepal that are a must for the newlyweds seeking for romantic places. Explore the legendary Patan with its mystical history, admire the ancient architecture of Bhaktapur; adore the unique Himalayan landscapes in Gorkha and Tansen; wonder at the richness of the Buddhist culture in Lumbini; swim in the tranquil waters of the lake in Pokhra; take a look at the rich wildlife in Chitwan. This honeymoon destination offers you possibilities for spending the most diverse and fascinating honeymoon.

honeymoon in nepal

Keep in mind that there is the only one international airport in Nepal, situated in Kathmandu.

You can turn your sightseeing to a simple and troubleless process renting a car or taking a bus or a taxi. Bikes are very useful as well. You can either buy or hire them for your travelling through Nepal.

If you are planning your honeymoon in Nepal beforehand, try to come here between October and April to enjoy the fresh air, clear skies and pleasant temperatures.

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4 Comments → “ Nepal ”

  1. Treking guides Nepal

    4 years ago

    1)Experience and helpful guide”

    I met Sanjib during my last year hiking trip to Annapurna Base Camp. He was my guide for 12 days; he was very knowledgeable and organized. Our trip was affected by the bad weather but we managed to enjoy ourselves out of the bad condition. He has now working independent; I will definitely recommend him as he knows the inside out of the trek in Nepal as a guide, a porter or an organize


  2. Lindy

    6 years ago

    Nepal is a little bit extreme place for a vacation but if you feel as a traveler you can go there. Me and my friends went to Nepal to get some extreme impressions. When we arrived to Nepal we went to Alpine adventure club for help in organizing Nepal tours and travel. We were at Manang Valley and at Kali Gandaki Gorge. At Kali Gandaki I felt myself as a small bug which wanted to have winds to fly and see this deep and beautiful gorge. Also we paid money to raft at Nepal’s mountain rivers. We decided to start our rafting tour at Kali Gandaki River. It was really scary but we did it with great courage and interest. It was a real shock for one of our friends when he understood that he is on board with just similar managers from USA and his boat is going down the river with incredible speed. After rafting you start to feel your friends much better on unphysical level and also you start to understand who is who. So I think it was a great experience in my and my friends’ lives and I recommend you do the same tour.


  3. Arianna

    6 years ago

    Honeymoon! Here it is! At last!
    Even before the wedding, I knew that my honeymoon will be somewhere in the nature, and my husband and I chose Nepal! We have been in many places, but most of all I remember Mahendra Cave. Although it is not a very romantic place, but the views are beautiful enough to remember the place. By local residents this cave is considered to be sacred, being the reason why my husband was especially pleased to go there.
    We also visited the Pashupatinath Temple, which is located on the banks of the Bagmati river. People there speak different languages ​​but we have met those who speak English and it is easy to find a common language there. It was very romantic and pleasant to walk along all those beautiful and unknown places.


  4. Kimberly

    6 years ago

    Nepal is really a unique place. I was here last eyar on my birthday. I and my sister were self-guided and had a good time. We trekked to Namche and back, we toured the Kathmandu valley by taxis, we rented a car+driver and drove around to various spots — all was pretty easy. We stayed at Babu’s homestay. The homestay is very comfortable and the location is fabulous with amazing mountains and breathtaking sunrise! I am planning to return for sure!


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