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Unforgettable Honeymoon in New Zealand

New Zealand stands out from all the other honeymoon destinations with its unique location on the Earth. In the south-east of Australia there are two awesome islands North Island and South Island, and many smaller islands, which lie in the South Pacific Ocean. No doubt it is a small country full of wonders, amazing New Zealand.

You will definitely have an unforgettable experience of getting acquainted with the unique wildlife and beauty of nature in the North Island or in the South Island. These islands are separated from each other by the Cook Strait. The nature conditions of islands also differ. They say that Auckland is the wettest city of the North Island and Christchurch is the driest city of the South Island. Winter season in New Zealand lasts from June till October and it is fairly cold in the south of the South Island and mild in the north of the North Island.

new zealand honeymoon

So, if you want a romantic getaway for your honeymoon, you will not be disappointed in New Zealand. Attracted by amazing images of scenic beaches, pasture lands, steep fjords, sharp mountains, ranging rivers, the majority of young couples come to New Zealand and get many positive emotions and impressions. If you are eager to have an exquisite honeymoon adventure, to enjoy beautiful landscapes and explore the nature, you can book in advance a walking and hiking tour. It is the best way to see the most iconic scenery of the wildlife during your 2-4 days walking. You can also walk the tracks on your own and share every minute of romance and love with your sweetheart.

romantic new zealand

If you visit Wellington, it will be an experience you won’t easily forget. Wellington is the capital of New Zealand, there is a great number of hotels and restaurants, museums and theatres, galleries and shops there. You can ride the cable car up the hill to Kelburn and find a viewing place with a splendid outlook over the city. Moreover, Wellington is called the City of Sails. You can enjoy a wide variety of water activities such as surfing, kayaking, fishing and fabulous harbor cruises. It is a capital of gourmet food and exclusive wine, so smelling the mouth-watering aromas is guaranteed!

romantic new zealand vacation

If you like shopping, Wellington is the paradise for shopaholics: almost all streets contain a fascinating variety of shops and open-air markets. You will definitely find a charming gift to remember your honeymoon vacation.

So, traveling to New Zealand is a truly unique experience, it is the perfect destination for your unforgettable honeymoon time there!

honeymoon in new zealand

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