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New Zealand

New Zealand is considered to be one of the leading honeymoon travel destinations.  The country rightfully deserves its reputation! New Zealand’s breathtaking landscape became an instant tourist magnet after The Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed there acting as a setting for a fictional  enchanted region called Middle-earth.  And while no sight of elves or hobbits has been reported yet, the magic of this amazing place is very real!

In spite of New Zealand’s small size,  the country is packed with things to do and see.  It will appeal to the newlyweds who are looking for a more active romantic honeymoon travel destination.  The country consists of two main islands- North and South- as well as a few smaller ones.  The North Island is home to the most of the countries residents; it is famous for its beaches, geothermal springs, volcanoes, vineyards, nightlife, and the native Maori culture. The South Island, on the other hand, is known for its dramatic landscape and adventure tourism – it offers world-class ski areas and resorts, glacier climbing, whale watching , kayaking and hiking.

New Zealanders are proud of their country’s natural  heritage and in order to preserve the beauty of its landscapes and wildlife several internationally known national parks have been created two of which – Te Wahipounamu  and Tongariro National Park- are UNESCO designated World Heritage Sites. One should set aside time to visit marvelous Fiordland National Park to admire waterfalls, fjords and hanging rain forests. In addition to various award-winning walking tours, active couples can explore the beauty of different regions of New Zealand by mountain biking or horse riding.

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But sightseeing will be only a part of your unforgettable honeymoon vacation in New Zealand.  May we suggest a boat trip to Waitomo Glowworm Caves that can turn into yet another defining moment of your romantic honeymoon? This subterranean cave is a native habitat for Arachnocampa luminosa, an insect species. The grotto walls are dotted with myriads of glow worms that emit  luminescent  lights that reflects off the water and sparkling walls.

New Zealand’s shores also give you a unique possibility to swim with one of the world’s smallest dolphins – the Hector’s or New Zealand Dolphin which can be found only in NZ. Swimming with dolphins is a really fascinating experience due to exceptional sociability of these creatures.

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Let yourself forget about the rest of the world while staying in the excellent hotels, villas or gorgeous honeymoon lodges. Just enjoy romantic dinners for two and magnificent views of gardens. Exceptional mix of local, European and Asian cuisines in addition to the delicious wines produced in local vineyards will satisfy everybody’s taste. You can be sure you’ll get the unique impressions of your honeymoon vacation in this country. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that traveling to New Zealand feels like visiting a paradise.

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    Backgrounds for the Lord of the Rings movie were taken in New Zealand. Beautiful place.


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