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Niagara Falls

“Honeymoon capital of the world” is waiting for you with all its romance and wondrous glory, always ready to make another young couple a lot happier. Niagara Falls has its deserved reputation of one of the most romantic places where thousands of newlyweds are seeking for a perfect honeymoon travel destination.

Niagara Falls

They say this tremendous waterfall produces lots of negative ions, which in turn stimulate the production of natural endorphins in the organism which make people feel happy and fall in love!

Of course, the popularity of this honeymoon travel destination is not as huge as it was in the middle of the previous century, but today it steadily gains popularity among the couples seeking for a romantic place to spend a gorgeous honeymoon in. Furthermore, you can even make your wedding here: more and more couples are enjoying it here nowadays.

Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you choose honeymooning here in the side of USA or in Canadian one – you will definitely derive lots of delightful and sweet moments from your honeymoon in Niagara Falls.

Of course, the best attraction here is the waterfall itself. You can spend hours just standing and watching at it, but one can find lots of others things to do in Niagara Falls. You can enjoy movies in the IMAX, or feel the abundance of amusements in the Clifton Hill with lots of different attractions.

Niagara Falls Resort

Niagara Falls Resort

Actually, it is obvious that no matter how romantic the place is, it is almost impossible to stay here for quite a long time. So you can try to visit quite interesting spot – a town in the Southern Ontario called Niagara-on-the-Lake. It is really full with lots of historical spots, and if you are a history admirer you will definitely like it!

Otherwise, you can look for cheap honeymoon packages somewhere else to continue your romantic honeymoon and make it even more beautiful. But what can be more spectacular than the tumbling water of the Niagara Falls?

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2 Comments → “ Niagara Falls ”

  1. Lora

    6 years ago

    Niagara Falls is one of those places that you must visit. If you want to understand how strong our nature is, the easiest way is to go and see the Niagara Falls. I live in Los Angeles and it was not a short distance for us to get there. When I and my family finally came there and saw the Niagara Falls with our own eyes, we understood we are small and defenseless. I felt myself as a small bug or another insect. We stayed at a Seneca Niagara casino hotel. Frankly saying, I was not glad, because they have a casino and it was so hard to find my husband. But now I know that my handsome husband has a special kind of hobby :)


  2. Nicolas

    6 years ago

    I am American and all my life I have lived in USA. We have a big family and some of my relatives live in Ontario.
    Thousands of times they asked me to spend a weekend with them. Not so long ago at last I decided to go to Ontario to see Niagara Falls and my relatives :) Frankly saying, Niagara Falls were even more interesting to see!
    It was so unusual to hear that strange sound of water falling and not to see it. We were far away from the great water but we already heard it. When we came closer I realized the power of a nature and understood that I was a fool because I didn’t come there earlier. I fell in love with this amazing sound of water. I even stayed for a few days at Marriott Niagara Falls Hotel. By the way, this hotel is something special! There you can find a lot of different activities and things to do but if you will look in the window you will see the main thing :) I mean the Niagara Falls.
    p.s. Don’t forget to ask at reception to get room with windows on this beauty!


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