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Honeymoon in New York City

There are few places in the world that  are so strongly associated with the energy and creativity of the 20th century. New York City is one of them. This megapolis with billions of possibilities, millions of people, and thousands of attractions, is a country of its own.  Many people dream of visiting New York City at least once in their lifetime, even if only just for sightseeing, but  for many couples this place is the ultimate honeymoon getaway.  No wonder- the City has inspired countless romantic stories and has served as a setting for such iconic movies as Breakfast at Tiffany’s , West Side Story, Once Upon a Time in America, Love Story ,and of course, Sex and the City.

There is no doubt that New York City, together with Tokyo, Paris and London, is a world capital, and,  the most impressive urban spot in the US. Despite its deserved reputation for being a very tough and competitive city that can occasionally overwhelm its residents and visitors, New York has a softer and enchanting side that never stops captivating you.  One of the most romantic (and affordable!!!) things a couple can do is cross the Brooklyn-Manhattan bridge on foot or take a train ride either during dawn or sunset hours and absorb the sunlight reflected off skyscrapers and uneven skyline. This experience is guaranteed to create unforgettable memories.

new york city honeymoon

New York architecture represents an interesting  bled of styles. Very few places can boast so many Art Deco examples since no other style managed to capture the essence of the City’s desire of luxury and power, restraint and insatiable drive to excel and exceed. Just think of the Empire State Building; erected  in 1931, it is still considered one of  the world’s highest skyscrapers. Actually, visiting the Empire State Building will not only make your day, but will remain one of the most bright memories of your honeymoon vacation.

It’s difficult to imagine a city which is more vibrant, bright, quick and bubbling with life than NYC. Probably, Times Square is the best example of the city’s life. Cheesy and touristy, it has its own charm that is hard to duplicate.  Here, you can enjoy anything your heart desires: shopping, eating out, entertaining and nightlife.  This is where Broadway started, so make sure you get to see at least one show that made this district world-famous. Coming here after the visit to the Empire State Building, you understand that you’ve chosen the right honeymoon destination.

Another “must” is the Statue of Liberty. Just don’t forget not only to take photos, but also to enjoy every moment of it: your short voyage to the Liberty Island (a genuine desert island!) by special ferry, and your tour around the Statue itself. You can take multiple guided tours around and even in the statue itself as well as to another island that has historic significance- the Elllis Island. Many immigrant families came to the States through this port of entry, therefore, the place and a great museum that was created on site, occupy a special place in the history of the US.

honeymoon packages in new york city

Don’t forget to visit the oasis among the city jungles – the New York Central Park, a place where you can let your hair down and relax in the natural atmosphere which is preserved here.

Of course, there are much more places you can visit in this honeymoon destination during your vacation. New York appeals to practically all people: there are great botanic gardens and museums, amazing shopping and dining, historic tours and live entertainment. Just spend it the way you like, and remember: it’s your honeymoon, let it be unforgettable!

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