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O’ahu – Hawaiian Paradise for your Honeymoon

“Just another Hawaiian island”, you may say. “Golden beaches, palm trees and turquoise waters – every component of a perfect tropical paradise is here, like on many other Hawaiian islands”. And you’ll be wrong. In fact, the island of O’ahu is unique not only because the exceptional romantic beauty of its nature, but also is precious for the numerous cult movies which were shot here (e.g., the Jurassic Park movies, Pearl Harbor, the Lost series and many others).

If you are a couple of newlywed movie fans, or just want to combine the romantic beach honeymoon with the insight into modern moviemaking locations, O’ahu is a honeymoon destination for you.

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This magical island is rich in different beaches. Whether you like tranquil waters to have a leisurely dip or high waves for surfing, you’ll definitely find a beach up to your taste. Just have a small drive around the island and get stunned with a huge number of options to choose from.

Besides sunbathing you can enjoy numerous water activities which are widely offered and exercised here. Snorkeling and diving are very popular, as these activities can easily turn your honeymoon vacation into a real underwater adventure. The best place for this is, actually, Hanauma Bay, where the turquoise waters are very welcoming for the divers.

Then, why not take a tour around the places of shooting the legendary movies? There are different agencies offering you to show, for example, the places where the Lost series were shot. You can also visit the Police Beach, a place which is almost always used for shooting different movies.

oahu honeymoon packages

Surely, visiting the Pearl Harbor is a must in O’ahu. Actually, it is the only former navy base which is today serving as a historic memorial.

All in all, O’ahu is a perfect honeymoon destination for couples who would like to enjoy their romantic beach vacation and get some lessons about the history as well as the modern movie culture.

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  1. Liliana Vinteniuc

    6 years ago

    Oahu is a place of my dreams. Yes, I love it and I’ll travel there again and again!


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