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Really Royal Honeymoon: Oahu

Want to feel like a king? So that you shall choose Oahu as your honeymoon travel destination!

But what is the connection between one of Hawaii islands and the king? The answer is simple.

At first, let’s remember what the most famous thing about Oahu is. Well, pristine nature, azure sea and white sand beaches definitely are the integral parts of the romantic honeymoon on Hawaii. But you may find marvelous places at every Hawaiian island, don’t you? What else? Historical memorial of Pearl Harbor and the places where the Lost series were shot? Yes, that’s great, but what about the king?

In order to find the answer, you have to pay your attention to world renowned Waikiki Beach. That’s the most attractive place for surfers – and tourists who want to learn how to catch waves. There is a great deal of surfing courses in Hawaii, but the best you will find on Oahu. What is more, if your honeymoon vacation concurs with surfing tournaments, you will get a great deal of emotions and pleasure!

Romantic Beach Oahu

Just imagine the fun of riding a wave! When you stand upright on long board and rush along in a spray… Remember Jack London describing his first successful attempt in stand-up boarding. He was extremely proud of himself! He felt like a demigod.

And that is the answer. We are happy enough to have a possibility to learn surfing and be pleased with ourselves. But centuries ago this kind of sport was the privilege of Hawaiian royalty. Only members of royal family were allowed to experience this delight – but nowadays everyone may feel like the sovereign of the seas! All you need for that is to visit Hawaiian Islands during your honeymoon vacation.

Royal Honeymoon Hawaii

So don’t miss the opportunity to master the sport of the ancient Hawaiian kings!

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