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Oasis of the Seas – the Largest and the Greatest!

Have you ever been on board floating palace? Will it be inspiring to celebrate your honeymoon aboard not just floating palace – but the largest floating palace in the world?

If you gave a positive answer – then this ship is your destiny! This is Oasis of the Seas – the largest cruise ship in the world, now belonging to the world’s largest cruise operator – Royal Caribbean International.

And even more – it is one of the most luxurious liners in the world! Let’s see what this colossus can offer you for the most unique honeymoon vacation – yes, for your honeymoon vacation!

The most distinct point about this ship is its design – seven neighborhoods, each of them having the unique feature. For example, the first amphitheater at sea (The Aqua Theater) or unique attempt to create real park with real plants and trees aboard a ship – it is Central Park, where you find more than 12.000 exotic plants, adorning excellent shops and restaurants and creating romantic, unrepeated atmosphere of the feast for your honeymoon.

Romantic Honeymoon Travel aboard Oasis of the Seas

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You don’t want to lie on sofa during the whole honeymoon travel? Are you and your beloved active and adventurous personalities? The welcome to the Pool & Sports Zone, where you will find such unique attractions as skating rink or rock climbing rink along with traditional for large cruise ships sports grounds – for golf, basketball, volleyball, bowling and other activities. What is more, honeymoon travel aboard Oasis of the Seas provides you with the perfect and unique opportunity to train your skills in surfing in pools designed especially for this purpose. It’s great, isn’t it?

The largest cruise ship in the world has a great deal of other must-see points like handmade merry-go-round, the largest casino at sea, great Opal Theater for about 1400 theatergoers, many bars and restaurants for every taste, different night clubs… It is better to see all these things but not just hear about them.

Memorable Honeymoon Cruise with Royal Caribbean

Oasis of the Seas is provided with 2704 cabins – they allow accommodating about 6400 passengers. This tremendous number of options means that you will find the most suitable apartments for your unforgettably romantic honeymoon vacation aboard this ship.

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  1. Really like. This is so cool !!!!


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    Really like. This is so cool.


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    Dream of my life !


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    Dream of my life!


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