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Oceania Cruises honeymoon

Oceania Cruises seems to be an embodiment of luxury and refined comfort. This is the only company in the world that can be regarded as upper premium class cruise line. Oceania Cruises offers you five extremely beautiful ships. They are three award-winning sister ships Regatta, Insignia and Nautica each allowing 824 passengers to embark. And company’s pride – two six-star cruise liners Marina and Riviera, built in 2011-2012.

These ships must capture the attention of newlyweds who think about romantic honeymoon because they were specially designed for people in love. From the very first moment aboard these intimate and luxurious ships you will feel enveloped by the atmosphere of romance and serenity. These ships are mid-size 1250-guest liners and they can provide you with the most spacious staterooms at sea. What is more, accommodations are designed and furnished by famous interior designers and specialists in this sphere – they know how to make suits as comfortable as sumptuous. Decoration is made of natural materials, staterooms have rich Wenge walnut paneling and designer bathrooms are decorated with marble and granite – but the idea is not to dazzle passengers with splendour but to make them feel at home.

oceania marina romantic honeymoon

People looking for a cruise to enjoy a romantic honeymoon will definitely appreciate the fact that most suits have private balconies.

Furthermore, there is an aspect in which Oceania Cruises is second to none. The company can enrich your honeymoon vacation with the best cuisine at sea. You can dine when and with whom you want as the seats and time are not fixed. Dress code is not obligatory – only in some special occasions you should be in an evening dress. Regatta class ships have four restaurants and modern liners Marina and Riviera give six restaurants for choice. Every dish is a masterpiece because it is worldwide known chef Jacques Pépin who develops on-board menus. Taking into consideration assiduously chosen wine list every meal will turn to a real feast.

romantic honeymoon cruise

Romantic honeymoon cruise

In addition to comfortable and elegant accommodations, the finest cuisine at sea and warm service, Oceania’s ships offer their passengers many other amenities, for instance, the famed Canyon Ranch SpaClub, a lot of bars and lounges, casino, boutiques, Internet club, library. You will be able to obtain the service of famous Bon Appetite Culinary Centre and art-studio Artists Loft. You can spend your honeymoon vacation enjoying unique itineraries – Oceania Cruises mixes traditional must-see destinations with exotic ports of call, offering you more than 300 destinations around the globe. Taking part in perfectly organized shore excursions you will get a great deal of exciting facts and enrich your knowledge about culture, traditions and cuisine of countries you visit.

All in all, Oceania Cruises is the company really alluring for honeymoon – the fact is proved by thousands of contented travelers.

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