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Oman Honeymoon: You Will Love Its Exotics

Just hearing the word ‘Oman’ is enough for many honeymoon couples to conjure up images of amazing honeymoon destination with white sandy beaches, green palms, sunny weather and turquoise waters. Of course, it is really Oman. As you know, it is an Arab country, situated in the South-West of Asia on the South-East of the Arabian Peninsula.

An excellent dream of newlyweds will come true in the most beautiful and charming cities of the south-eastern coast of the country, such as Muscat, Sur, Sohar and Salalah. Muscat, the capital of the country, attracts many visitors from all over the world all year round. There is plenty to see and to do in Muscat. You will be surprised to see the Muscat Clock Tower, which is the oldest monument in Oman and amazed by Al Alam Palace, which always glitters with white light at night. The magnificent Western Al Najar Mountains add a romantic spirit to the picturesque Muscat’s night landscape. The city also will offer you and your sweetheart a joyful time including first-class hotels, restaurants and bars there.

oman romantic honeymoon

There is no shortage of the romantic honeymoon places to explore. You can head to the Muscat Harbor, one of the largest natural harbors. The Muscat boat club is located there, so you can hire a boat and make your own unforgettable honeymoon sailing. Why it is not a spirit of adventure and love?!

The charm of picturesque and peaceful atmosphere you can find on the Qurum Beach. Each honeymoon couple will get very excited about unexpected place for an endless fishing, scuba diving, sailing or trekking venues.

relaxing oman vacation

You may have something more relaxing in mind and can enjoy getting to various Oman’s springs, as there are over than three hundred of them there. Arsat Spring is one of the most abundant in wonders. The Arzat Cave with gorgeous nature is one of the most famous spots.

Without any sayings the charming of this honeymoon destination will give you magical experience. Try to spend your luxury honeymoon vacation in Oman and you will not be disappointed!

romantic oman traveling

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