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Paris: Best Place for Honeymoon Couples


How do you think, what is the best romantic urban honeymoon location in Europe or, maybe, all over the world?… What about Paris? How much dispute would not Paris arouse – it’s really fantastic and especially romantic place where everybody can spend their honeymoon unforgettably!

Paris has been considered one of the most romantic places in the world for many centuries! A lot of people travel to this beautiful city to see the architecture, historical sites, nature… but more and more happy couples visit Paris for another goal. They want to get married here or choose Paris as a honeymoon destination!

First of all, visit Elffel tower. It has become a symbol of Paris. Entrance to the Louvre is always open. Here you can look for masterpieces of art all over the world. Here you can see original Mona Lisa, Monet and Manet, Picasso and so on. Notre Dame attracts attention with its memorable architecture and majesty. At the Place de Gaulle you can see the famous Arc de Triomphe , the grave of a soldier and an eternal flame.

traveling to paris

Champs Elysees is a real treasure for shopping.. Here you can find the best stores with the latest fashion trends in clothing and shoes, fabulous restaurants, cafes. It is a haven for girls. In addition, near situate the Elysee Palace, the residence of the French president. Music lovers can visit the Opera Garnier Opera House.
You can relax from noisy bustle of the city in the Luxembourg Gardens. Do you want a self-portrait made by a French painter? Go to the Hill area. Well, not far from it loving couples will be interested to look at the “Wall of Love”. The phrase “I love you” is written here on more than three hundred languages, including a special font for blind and by means of signs for the mute …

Just imagine, you’re lifted up to the highest point of the city and and see it like on the palm – you enjoy the views from the Eiffel tower… Or floating down the river Sienna by boat… Isn’t it romantic? Paris is really one of the best romantic honeymoon destinations. If you don’t think so, just find a few days to visit this city. After spending an unforgettable vacation here you’ll never say that Paris isn’t a romantic place where everybody can spend their honeymoon or even get married !

paris honeymoon

Certainly, Paris is one of the best romantic and fantastic cities, but in France you can find a lot of othernot less interesting cities!

Nice – a city of fountains. It is worth to visit the Cathedral of St. Nicholas, the Marc Chagall Museum. Local restaurants amaze gourmets with seafood.

Cannes – another beautiful city located near Nice. The city allures people with its festivals, sandy beaches, restaurants and so on.

The heart of the secular life of the country is Saint-Tropez city. There are a lot of clubs, restaurants and another places for vacation. You can unbathe on the warm sand on the “Silver Beach”,which is located near a massive forest belt. Also, you will definitely enjoy numerous colorful and breathtaking landscapes.

And also visit well-known Cote d’Azur, which has been considered one of the best places for vacation in the world, very popular due to its climate – soft warm winter and cool summer.

Really, everybody can talk a lot about Paris, France and its attractions, but it is worth to note that the country deserves the rank of the most romantic country in the world with its romantic heart – Paris!

paris romantic traveling

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