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Paris – the city of love

The city is worldly known for being the city of love, and that’s the main reason why lots of couples travel to Paris after choosing it as their honeymoon destination. After coming here you’ll lose count of your happy days spent together in the most romantic city in the world.

Of course, it is a must for honeymooners to visit such hallmarks of Paris as Notre Dame, the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre, but they are frequently too crowded with tourists to feel the romantic beauty of the city and fully enjoy the company of your young new spouse. What you can do to make your honeymoon really unforgettable is to enroll into some non-traditional, if not extraordinary, activities.

The most romantic honeymoon destination

The most romantic honeymoon destination

For example, taking breakfast with locals, or at least like them, would be a really unforgettable experience. There is an old but good tradition in Paris to start your day with a breakfast consisting of a cup of coffee and several croissants in your beloved café. Try it, you will definitely like it.

If you are literature admirers, you can turn your honeymoon into the interesting literary experience. As you know, Paris is the city which inspired numerous poets and writers to create their immortal masterpieces. They wandered through these ancient streets full with romantic legends and fascinating stories, and bore in mind those works of literature today the whole world wonders at. Take a stroll through the same streets, and who knows – maybe you will get inspired to write a masterpiece?

Romantic honeymoon in paris

Undoubtedly, if you travel to Paris you can’t but visit Versailles. The best way to enjoy it fully is to devote the whole day to exploring that beautiful spot, which is fairly considered to be one of the biggest and greatest palaces in the whole world.

Of course, Paris is not only the city of literary and architectural heritage, but also one of the centers of the world’s fashion. You can’t but visit it’s numerous trendy boutiques and enjoy the wide variety of new fashion trends.

Finally, Paris is the best honeymoon destination for those who want to experience both traditional romantic atmosphere and try new interesting activities. Whatever you will do here, the unforgettable experience is guaranteed.

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5 Comments → “ Paris – the city of love ”

  1. Louise

    5 years ago

    I am currently living in Paris, and it is just an awesome place.  There are so many things to do and so many monuments to see.  Apart from the famous Eiffel Tower and Louvre, the cultural diversity of the city is also very appealing to the visitor.  There is an excellent Indian neighbourhood in the “Gare du Nord” – “La Chapelle” area.  Full of Indian shops and vegetarian  restaurants.  There is also a very interesting Chinese neighbourhood in the South of Paris, with excellent grocery stores and supermarkets.


  2. Liutik

    6 years ago

    I went to France in 2006! Three days in Paris and four days in Nice! Just to describe my impressions means to say nothing! It was six years ago, but the impressions from staying in Paris are as bright and stunning as before! Sailing along the Seine on the excursion boat! Sparkling Eiffel Tower! Montmartre! The performance at the Moulin Rouge! The Louvre! The Champs-Élysées! The famous French carousel! And what’s the most important – open and friendly people! One who doesn’t know French, but speaks English at least at school level won’t have problems communicating with the French! The majority speaks English without appropriate times or phrases! Just a set of words from the dictionary – BUT EVERYONE UNDERSTANDS EACH OTHER! And Nice! It’s just a Pearl by the seaside! Cannes! Antibes! Saint Tropez! Monaco-Monte Carlo! Friends! They say “To see Paris and die!” That’s not true! Having seen it you want to go back again and again! I do strongly recommend you to go there!


  3. Lorre

    6 years ago

    Je suis d’accord avec vous! Paris c’est une ville magique! surtout pour les amoureux.Mes quartiers préférés sont Le Marais et Saint-Germain-des-Prés, avec des hôtels particulier, galléries d’art, cafés…


  4. Peter

    6 years ago

    Last Summer I stayed in Paris for 2 days. Despite the fact it was a business trip, I felt the atmosphere of this wonderful city. At summer the weather is quite hot so it is better to take a lot of water with you. I didn’t have much time but I used all my experience in time management there to organize myself. On the first day I raised to Level 2 Eiffel Tower and visited Jules Verne Restaurant. The fish dishes are delicious there!!! The next and the last full day I devoted to Disneyland! It’s just like a fabulous town with millions of inhabitants.
    I was leaving this wonderful city with tears in my eyes.
    Leaving Paris, I promised myself that I would return there, no matter what it will cost me!


  5. Casey

    6 years ago

    In May we spent 4 days in Paris. It was my birthday present to my husband. It was our dream to travel there and see ancient places. We chose Hotel France Europe.This three stars hotel is located not far from some interesting places such as Notre Dame Cathedral, Le Louvre Museum, that’s why we stayed there. Besides, it is next to underground. Very comfortable and pleasant hotel. Staff is friendly. Our room was very small, but it had all facilities. This Hotel is perfect for short stays and for tourists who want to see as much as possible in a short time. We walked to all sights and enjoyed our visit to Paris.


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