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Patagonia: Romance and Exotics

This charming place of the planet always allures numerous tourists who travel to Patagonia all the year round, for its romantic atmosphere and the spirit of adventures. Naturally, what other feelings can this location, situated in the very end of the Earth, provoke?

Don’t consider this place to be pleasant only for some travel addicts and mountain climbing maniacs. It really is a very romantic and exotic honeymoon destination. A scarcity of citizens in the area contributes to the feeling of romance and exotics.

Exploration and admiration: these two main activities will completely absorb you during the honeymoon vacation here. Feel yourself in the expedition, the most romantic you could ever imagine.

patagonia honeymoon vacation

Explore the mountains which overlook the blue and mighty ocean, the glaciers which make you just stare with awe, and the forests which look like another endless ocean, the green one. Admire the unforgettable sceneries of this majestic place, these magical landscapes which will preserve in your memory forever.

Besides, you should know that Spanish is spoken here, so it would be a good idea to take a Spanish phrasebook with you if you don’t know the language. In order to travel to Patagonia you should fly to Buenos Aires first, and then have the last leg of your journey to Patagonia (it takes about 8 hours, though).

Patagonia travel packages

Keep in mind that it is best to travel to Patagonia during the summer months: from November to March (yes, in the southern hemisphere the seasons are opposite of ours).

To fully enjoy the stunning Patagonian landscapes head to Los Glaciares National Park which is abundant in glaciers and positive emotions. Stop at the Perito Moreno Glacier, this 200-foot high ice wall which continues to grow every day. Look at the 4,000-year-old cave drawings in the Walichu Caves. Wonder at the diversity of flora and fauna living in different environments almost in one place in the Torres del Paine National Park.

Evening in Patagonia

Evening in Patagonia

Don’t miss the Tierra del Fuego, always called ‘the end of the Earth’. If you think that you don’t love ice and mountains this place will definitely change your mind. Admire the majestic views together with your beloved and the penguins (oh, and condors, of course!) and understand that this place is the most interesting and exotic (and even romantic) in the world.

Finally, don’t forget about the amazing skiing possibilities available in Patagonia. If you want to ski during your romantic honeymoon vacation, travel to Patagonia from June to October and have the time of your life here!

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One Comment → “ Patagonia: Romance and Exotics ”

  1. Miriam

    5 years ago

    My husband and I really love the snow and mountain and climbing. So we immediately chose Argentina and Patagonia for our holiday on the party of 10 years our married life. We went to rest in September. I had never seen such beauty around.
    We travel to Calbuco volcano in Chilean Patagoniam, General Carrera Lake in Aisén. We ordered a whale-watching tour of Monterey Bay. And of course we view of Cuernos del Paine from Pehoé Lake (Chile). At the and of our travel we rented a pickup and a local guide to see 1 day trip to Desert Lake and in Santa Cruz Province. Naris (guide of the company Cruz&family) was very sociable, knew a lot of interesting information and amazing places. We lived in the Hilton Santa Cruz / Scotts Valley. In the hotel staff 100% very friendly, delicious breakfasts. The pool was gorgeous, but we did not like the gym.
    Good vacations!!


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