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Honeymoon on The Island of Phuket

Thailand is one of those rare places where your honeymoon vacation is exceptionally full and harmonious. This country is always luring crowds of people (and lots of newlywed couples, too) who want to soak up the unique eastern culture and the pleasant sun and explore this majestic place.

Thailand is rich in unbelievably beautiful places where the richness of nature and culture merge to create the unforgettable atmosphere. It will leave the unforgettable impression in your hearts forever. One of such wonderful places is the island of Phuket. It is frequently called a paradise for the sun-lovers, as the sun is really one of the main treasures of the island.

phuket honeymoon

While traveling to Phuket perhaps you are going to spend most of your time on the beach. Sure, you can take everything you need and head for the nearest beach – and you will like it, definitely. But you will fall in love with the island and each other even more if you go to one of the secluded beaches in the northern part of the island. There it will seem that the whole world had disappeared, and there is only you, your beloved, and that gorgeous beach.

Actually, this honeymoon destination is not only about beaches and sunbathing. When you want to take a break from your beach relaxation, try elephant-trekking. It is completely different from your previous horseback-riding experience! This unforgettable ride will always remain in your memory as something really fantastic: you feel all the power and might of this enormous creature carrying you on its back like you are light as a feather.

phuket beach vacation

In addition, you can expand the territory of your honeymoon vacation by exploring the nearby islands. For example, visit the Phang Nga Bay with its prefect snorkeling and James Bond Island, or go to the Phi Phi island to enjoy the dramatic views and even try rock-climbing!

Altogether, with its silky beaches, turquoise waters, fantastic views, friendly locals and rich culture, the island of Phuket is the best honeymoon destination you could ever imagine!

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