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Honeymoon in Prague

Called “The City of 100 Spires”, Prague is a place where legend blends with reality. Considered by many to be a true fairy tale place, this honeymoon destination will be a perfect getaway for those newlywed couples who appreciate the finesse that is associated with this Central European cultural jewel.

Many say it is worth to travel to Prague if only to enjoy the eclectic mix of the architectural masterpieces. Founded in the Middle Ages, the historic city center consists of several neighborhoods situated on the both sides of the Vltava river: The Old Town (Staré Město); the New Town (Nové Město); the Lesser Town (Malá Strana)  and the Castle area (Hradčany). Due to its aesthetic and historic value, the city center was included in the UNESCO’s Cultural and Natural Heritage Sites list in 1992. Time-travelling becomes a reality in Prague: history comes alive as you walk over Charles Bridge, construction of which started over 600 years ago; Prague Castle, the largest medieval architectural complex in Europe; and the Old Town Square (Staroměstské náměstí) that combines Gothic, Renaissance, Baroque and Rococo styles. One of the popular attractions and favourite spot for locals and visitors is the Astronomical Clock that is made up of figures of 12 apostle that appear every hour between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m. as well as depiction of Death in the form of a skeleton striking time, Vanity checking itself in the mirror, a Miser holding a small bag with gold, and joyous Turks symbolizing happiness and entertainment. 

romantic prague

Romantic Prague

Prague is a pedestrian-friendly city, which is great news for environmentally-minded couples. Walking through the city streets is probably one of the simplest exciting ways to learn about Prague’s fascinating history inside-out. Each street and each building has its own long and interesting history that is shared through personalized guided tours.  While exploring the numerous winding streets of this fascinating honeymoon destination, don’t forget to take a look at the Prague Castle, an architectural ensemble which is sometimes told to be the most important and beautiful in the city. It has been standing here for twelve centuries, and today it is as stately and stunning as in the 9th century when the city was founded.  Just take your camera with you and try to capture everything you like- fortunately, there are plenty of great vantage points. The beauty of this city will make your honeymoon vacation unforgettable.

prague honeymoon packages

One can’t but mention that Czech Republic is one of the biggest beer consuming nations of the world; moreover,  it has contributed to beer-making history.  For example, Pils beer was invented here. In fact, the beer production, mostly lagers, is put on a very high level here. The most popular exported Czech brand is Budvar (Budweiser in German); however, this variety is completely unrelated to the  American brew. Beer is served everywhere in the city, even at cafes serving breakfast! Coming to Prague and not tasting its beer is like visiting a world-class restaurant and skipping its signature dish.

Prague is charming during any season – there are no weather restrictions for having a memorable honeymoon vacation. Just remember that in winter it becomes quite cold, but the low temperatures don’t make the city less magical at all.

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  1. Martina

    6 years ago

    My husband and I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary in Prague and it was really romantic and wonderful trip. Prague and its centre called the Old Town is a must for anyone who loves old medieval cities with amazing buildings, churches, bridges, roads. You should visit the Charles Bridge, one of the most beautiful bridges in the city. Views from the bridge are great and unusual, make sure to visit the place in different times of the day. In the morning the bridge is quite deserted, during the day there are lots of people there. Besides, you can buy some interesting drawings on the bridge. In the small street near the Charles Bridge there is a small but excellent Antique Ahasver shop. They sell jewelry, ceramics, but the greatest items there are antique linen and clothing. I highly recommend this shop to you. We also had a meal in the Rilke, a charming restaurant with Czech cuisine. You should try dishes there, they are very tasty, portions are big and prices reasonable. Garlic bread is fantastic! Don’t forget, reservations are the must there.


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