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Princess Cruises

Princess Cruises is a company that seems to be created for honeymoon travels. The fact is that after The Love Boat series appeared in TV this cruise line has become especially popular. And, of course, all the conveniences and relaxing atmosphere aboard support high reputation of the company.

Princess Cruises can offer you more than 100 itineraries. You may choose some exotic destinations for your romantic honeymoon, for example Hawaii, Tahiti, South Pacific – or Caribbean paradise in the Atlantic Ocean. You may explore amazing cities and nature of Australia and New Zealand, take a look at the Great Barrier Reef and local wildlife of these beautiful countries.

A honeymoon with Princess Cruises

A honeymoon with Princess Cruises

You may feel the contrast of ancient ages and modern vibrant cities visiting South America. This mystical region hides a lot of treasures – and you may discover them not only in Aztec cities like Machu Picchu but also in other megalopolises like Buenos Aires.

You may spend unforgettable honeymoon vacation in storied Europe, visiting such cities as Venice, Athens, Copenhagen or any other famous place you want to choose to be your honeymoon travel destination.

You may enjoy as breathtaking as romantic honeymoon taking thrilling Alaska cruise. What is more, National Park Rangers and experts will come on board in order to enhance your knowledge and show you the most spectacular things during land excursions.

romantic honeymoon traveling

Turning to accommodation facilities aboard cruise ships it should be mentioned that designers made everything possible for passengers to feel comfortable. Spacious cabins and decks in order to create intimate atmosphere for newlyweds, variety of activities and entertainment on board, freshly prepared cuisine which can meet everybody’s wishes and many-many other nice amenities will make your honeymoon vacation wished for reiteration.

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One Comment → “ Princess Cruises ”

  1. Samuel John G.

    6 years ago

    It’s a pity I have not known about this site before, but nevertheless we had a perfect honeymoon cruise with Princess Cruises this March. We’ve had New Zealand as our destination. We had a stateroom on the Dawn Princess – it was a suite with balcony. We liked that there was a choice of pillows and it was quite topical for us. I won’t tell about the luxury of the suite, the quality of the linen and so on, as it goes without saying. About meals: first we dined at the main dining room, but it was too crowdy there, so then we moved to Venetian dining room it appered more cozy, as for me. On board there was also a wide range of activities like yoga, theatre, cinema, pool, disco, duty-free etc.
    So as you see it is worth the money.
    In fact, we are going to take another cruise in 3 or 4 years, when our child gets old enough for that.


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