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Puerto Rico

There is a place in the world where you can turn your honeymoon into an unforgettable vacation. Standing at the top of high skyscrapers, you can admire the lively city, or walk down and try your luck in rich casinos. Or you can enjoy the wilderness of the nature in the almost virgin forest or have fun on the warm sand of the beach. You can call it the all-inclusive honeymoon destination. People call it Puerto Rico.

You will feel at home here, as everybody speaks English here and the U.S. dollar is the national currency. Furthermore, you don’t even need a passport to come here!

Romantic honeymoon in Puerto Rico

Romantic evening in Puerto Rico

This “Island of Enchantment” makes every visitor just fall in love with it. Vast number of different activities here makes Puerto Rico the best honeymoon destination ever.

In fact, this comparatively small island consists of several main districts, each of them having something peculiar and unique. You should definitely visit as much as possible, as everywhere there is something that will make your honeymoon better and better. For example, a romantic stroll through the Carite Forest in the Central Region will give you the feelings of being in the earthly paradise. It is worth to travel to Puerto Rico just to see this wonderful National Forest.

Actually, it is not the only forest in Puerto Rico. There are twenty forest reserves, many of them being unique and abounding in exhilarating views.

puerto rico honeymoon destination

If you like the sea, visiting Porta de Sol is a must for you, as it is a unique place to enjoy deep sea fishing along with lots of different water sport activities, as well as have a horse ride and a round of golf.

To crown it all, in the eastern part of the island you can indulge in some shopping in ritzy boutiques – or just window-shopping.

Nevertheless the main city of the island is San Juan. If you travel to Puerto Rico for a honeymoon, a walk through Old San Juan is just a must (of course, just in case you want to have a romantic time).

Romantic evening in Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico - a perfect honeymoon destination

Of course, don’t forget to enjoy yourselves relaxing on sandy beaches and enjoying the turquoise waters of the warm sea.

In conclusion, Puerto Rico is an upscale honeymoon destination for people who really enjoy both sunbathing and having an active holiday while feeling almost at home.

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2 Comments → “ Puerto Rico ”

  1. Kelly

    6 years ago

    Puerto Rico means rich coast and it is true. You can find Palma trees and unbelievable clean water with oceans inhabitants.
    When I and my boyfriend went there we were thinking that this place is just the same as others. But as for me this place have great energetics. Maybe it sounds strange but this place is alive. It is good and strong. At Puerto Rico you will never feel alone.
    Punta Arenas Beach is a great place to stay alone with your boyfriend and do whatever you want right at the sand beach :) There you can find special atmosphere of sexual energetics that makes the sexual attraction higher. So it is a great place to show want you can and do it. There it will be easy to forget about your tightness and all complexes. So guys you’d better take your lovely shy girl there and you will find another side of her being.


  2. Bianca

    6 years ago

    It’s just almost impossible to convey the mood that was present in me during our honeymoon in Puerto Rico … First we went to see the famous castle of Castillo San Felipe del Morro. This is a large fort, which looks very old and mysterious for all visitors, and as it turned out, for us, too))
    Vieques Beaches – it was the stop where we didn’t want to go anywhere from.. This is a great place, especially for two passionate people … There are no luxurious houses and posh rooms, but there are no crowds of people … Just calm and romantic atmosphere – that’s what I remember most about this place. I have never regretted that we chose this resort as our honeymoon destination.


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