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Puerto Vallarta

Puerto Vallarta is a perfect honeymoon travel destination for those who want to feel the pleasure of the turquoise waters of the Pacific ocean and enjoy the warm sun on a perfect sandy beach. Besides it, you can also please yourself with observing masterpieces of the Spanish Colonial architecture and enjoying stunning mountainous landscapes.

Seeking for a romantic place to lay your hair down here, you will definitely find places that’ll satisfy you. Sometimes it seems that Puerto Vallarta was especially created for young couples having their romantic, relaxed and peaceful honeymoon after having a hectic time of arrangement and wedding planning.

puerto vallarta honeymoon

Have a honeymoon in Puerto Vallarta

A wide range of hotels offers royal accommodations for you to choose one which suits best. Just imagine laying in jacuzzi enjoying your new spouse and overlooking a perfect view of the ocean. What can be more romantic? Many hotels offer you the unforgettable attraction, which is enjoying the sunset from the terrace on the top of the building. It is worth to choose Puerto Vallarta as a honeymoon travel destination just to enjoy these perfect moments.

romantic resort in puerto vallarta

Puerto Vallarta mexico ocean front

Being fed up with swimming and sunbathing, you are always welcome to explore the city’s architecture, enjoy its art galleries, or simply have some shopping in its numerous trendy boutiques.

Of course, you can also enjoy the nature having a perfect boat ride. During it you will definitely admire schools of exotic fish, flocks of tropical birds and, of course, the calmness of the tranquil waters of the ocean.

If you are arranging your honeymoon and wedding planning beforehand, consider that in the summer you will find everything a bit more expensive, as the locals are also fond of Puerto Vallarta and like to spend their vacations here. The best time to come here probably is winter, but try not to come during Christmas holidays, as hotels, as well as beaches, are often crowded those days. Don’t worry – winter here is comfortable: the ocean is warm enough to swim in it, the sun is shining and the rains are absent. Nevertheless, bear in mind, September is the month which suits you least – it is the most rainy month of the year in Puerto Vallarta.

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3 Comments → “ Puerto Vallarta ”

  1. Jake

    6 years ago

    Me and my lovely wife went to Puerto Vallarta just for fun. We understand that the main idea of this little city is totally relaxing. So we decided not to take our computers with us, because we know that this will eat our leisure time. We stayed at Olas Altas Inn, Col Zapata.
    The hotel was clean and nice decorated. Personal was working with open heart and honest smiles on their faces. Also we pay less than we expect. We make prepayment and reserved room the month before. The water near Los Muertos beach was unbelievable. And national inhabitants recommended us to see the sunset on Los Muertos beach. I confirm, the sunset was great and it was one of the most romantic time that I spend with my lovely wife.


  2. Emily

    6 years ago

    My sister and I went to Puerto Vallarta in winter. I have never been there, but my sister often goes to this city.The old town of Vallarta is wonderful. It isn’t really very old, but streets along the famous boardwalk the Malecon are full of colonial charm.The Malecon is one of the best places of Puerto Vallarta. Here you can see lots of artwork, statues, sidewalks to get to the beach. I loved all the sand sculptures and the music! The boardwalk is nice because there is no car traffic and it is safe for children. Lots of shopping and restaurants! We stopped in Melissa’s for dinner. This restaurant is a short walk off the Malecon. We liked food and drinks there. Prices were reasonable. It is a perfect place to eat real Mexican food. We didn’t forget about souvenirs. Puerto Vallarta is famous for its gift shops and art galleries. We went to Miralo, a studio gallery of art and gifts. My sister visits this shop each time she goes to the city. You can not only buy original works of art but also take a mosaic class. I purchased a nice serving dish for my mum. A very unique item! Unfortunately, we hadn’t enough time to see all attractions of this city but I want to come to Puerto Vallarta in future.


  3. Mark

    6 years ago

    My name is Mark, I’m 18 years old and I’d like to tell you about our trip to Puerto Vallarta ! It wasn’t honeymoon trip, but it was amazing! It was the first journey abroad without parents for me and my brothers and of course we were excited.. Our parents bought this vacation package for us and it was an excellent surprise. It included ten days in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco in Mexico, for three young and curious guys. It is perfect, isn’t it? :) We arrived on 17th of May and we got to the paradise! We stayed at Velas Vallarta Suite Resort, right on the beach. Our parents booked three-bedroom suite and now I understand that it wasn’t comfortable for us because we got acquainted with young girls and… I think that you’ll guess what happened after that.. :) But the service was faultless: our suite was always clean and all staff was friendly and helpful. A lot of time we spent searching for different entertainments: bars, night clubs and some historical places of this city. Now we know that the church of the maiden of Guadeloupe is a symbol of Puerto-Vallarta and it was built in 1951. As for alcoholic beverages we found the best cocktail Margarita in the bar “Steve’s Sports Bar” on Basilio Badillo, 286. We didn’t want to return home… And next summer I’ll go to Puerto Vallarta again!


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