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Rio de Janeiro

Seeking for a honeymoon travel destination which will combine perfect beaches, stunning mountain views, variety of sports and activities along with the festive atmosphere and friendly locals, you cannot but travel to Rio de Janeiro.

This majestic place will give you perfect possibilities to spend the most romantic and unforgettable honeymoon vacation you can only imagine! The former capital of Brazil, it has everything needed for an upscale pastime for a newlywed couple searching for a rest after a hectic time of wedding planning and searching for different honeymoon travel tips.

Before you travel to Rio de Janeiro try to learn some basic phrases in Portuguese, or at least take a phrasebook with you (if you don’t know Portuguese, of course!).

rio de janeiro honeymoon packages

Rio is one of those few cities which can reward you with the perfect views: enjoy the landscapes of the nature or the cityscapes of Rio. You’ll like both of them. Climb the Corcovado, a mountain which is topped with the world-known statue of Christ the Redeemer (which is actually more than 100 feet high). From this spot you’ll be able to enjoy a great view of your honeymoon travel destination and feel the fresh breeze on your face which always gives that unforgettable romantic feeling when you stand somewhere in the height.

If you two revel in art, Rio is the right place to spend your honeymoon vacation in. Its numerous museums and cultural centers will offer you a perfect possibility to explore different works of art, some of them being of great cultural importance.

rio carnival honeymoon

Actually, when one hears something about Rio de Janeiro they immediately think about the carnival. If you would love to take part in this bright celebration then plan your honeymoon vacation to be in February. Otherwise, don’t be upset: Rio has lots of attractions even without its carnival.

A travel to Rio de Janeiro cannot be called complete unless you relax on one of its beaches. They are all free and waiting for you to sunbathe with the local music playing in the background.

Romantic Honeymoon in Rio

Romantic Honeymoon in Rio

The famous Copacabana Beach is really good, but a bit crowded (which is usual for the well-known tourist spots all over the world). Nevertheless, it is good both to relax on it or just stroll down the sidewalk near the beach and have a romantic dinner in one of the cafes there. Furthermore, if you like surfing, any beach in Rio is just what the doctor ordered: many surfers travel to here just to enjoy the perfect waves and have lots of fun!

Finally, Rio de Janeiro is a honeymoon destination of your dreams which combines lots of different possibilities of a perfect pastime and offers you numerous activities to make your honeymoon really unforgettable!

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