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Need Calm Honeymoon? Try River Cruises!

A cruise is very popular way to celebrate your sweet honeymoon – the beginning of the married life. There are so many different cruises, a lot of grandiose cruise liners with thousands of staterooms. But there is the other way – as popular as sea cruises. Companies that offer river cruises also note that the number of tourists is increasing. And it is not strange! Let’s determine the benefits of such an activity for happy newlyweds. First of all, those who want to combine calm honeymoon with interesting and captivating journey will appreciate river cruises very much. Small river ships usually can accommodate about one hundred passengers, so it is not a cruise on the overcrowded floating city. River ships offer incomparable level of intimacy, which is so desirable during romantic honeymoon voyage. And be sure that you will be provided with all possible comfort and luxury. Of course, aboard small river ships you won’t find bars, casinos or shops… But they are not necessary for happy honeymoon journey, are they?

honeymoon vacation in America

What is more, the main feature of river cruises is cultural and educational trend – unlike commercial sea cruises which do not give preference to shore excursions and programs. Be sure that during your honeymoon vacation, for example, in the Great Lakes you will receive a first-hand experience and knowledge about the history of this place, enjoy the beauty of Pictured Rocks, Whitefish Point, Mackinac Island or any other place there. You will better understand the country, and a flood of emotions is promised!

honeymoon travel destinations

North America has vast territories and there are many waterways on the continent except the Great Lakes – and taking a river cruise is a chance for you to have rich and memorable honeymoon vacation.

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2 Comments → “ Need Calm Honeymoon? Try River Cruises! ”

  1. Crazy Mike

    5 years ago

    Yep! Dennise ! It will be much better if you will study english. Please give me interesting description about river cruises. Ofcourse if you have real travel experience in this type of cruises. Thanks)


  2. Dennise

    5 years ago

    I love the place. It is really nice to have a cruise in there.


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