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Romantic honeymoon in London

Traveling to London is always an exciting and exhilarating experience, whatever reason for traveling is. Nevertheless it gets much more important and interesting if you’re planning to have your honeymoon there.

Planning your honeymoon vacation in London you surely understand that it should be something more than just a sightseeing trip or a time to hang out. It has to be a romantic time when you will concentrate only on each other and enjoy those precious days which are remembered for the whole life. Eventually, you should plan at least several things which will be a romantic and enjoyable pastime for both of you.

A boat trip undoubtedly is a good idea. It gives a special atmosphere of closeness and romance, and enables you to enjoy the perfect views. But, actually, the Thames is not the best place for this. Instead, go to the Serpentine River in Hyde Park. Here you’ll definitely get what you want.

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Want some flowers? Go to the Covent Garden flower market: here you’ll be able to buy any flower you want. Any woman would be happy to receive a flower from her beloved new husband.

Kew Gardens is a must. Being one of the most romantic places in London since the 18th century, it is still loved by the couples who want to spend their romantic time here. Traveling to London is almost unbelievable without visiting this place.

Go to the London Eye, and enjoy the bird’s-eye view of this great city. Just you and your spouse above the bustling lively city. Isn’t it romantic?

Romantic Kew Gardens

Romantic Kew Gardens

Don’t forget about the Primrose Hill. Here you’ll enjoy one of the best views of London. It’s a beautiful place for those who adore cityscapes or just breathtaking views.

Finally, go to the Richmond Park. This place is the right one to feel the out-of-town atmosphere of wilderness and naturality. A walk with wild deer will definitely be a perfect highlight of your honeymoon vacation.

Anywhere you go, anything you do, try to make it most romantic. It is your honeymoon! Try to do your best to make it the time of your life!

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  1. Nikolas

    6 years ago

    I was in London when I was 11 years old. In my child’s mind London was a big and expensive city. Also this city was a little bit glamour ;) When I was young I didn’t even think about my honeymoon tour. But now I think it can be interesting to spend not only honeymoon in London but also to make the whole wedding ceremony in the England’s capital. Just imagine: you put on the traditional English clothes and your beloved does the same. And you take her by hand and just visit different places of interest in these clothes in the company of best friends. I thing such photos will be best in your photo collection. 
    My friend told me about The London Eye attraction. This place can show you the panorama view of London and its surrounding areas. And don’t forget about photos. Now you are young and your face looks beautiful! :) If you will take some photos from the London’s Eye you will never be disappointed :)


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