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Romantic honeymoon in London and… Sherlock Holmes!

“What a nonsense!” you may say. Sherlock Holmes was represented as a soulless machine for crimes’ disclosure. Great detective and love are incompatible things. This is a current opinion and not many people know about Sherlock’s marriage. But this is very funny story!

Famous American actor, playwright and stage-manager William Hooker Gillette became interested in staging the most popular work of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Gillette asked the author for permission to adapt the text for stage. Sir Doyle complied with his request.

Gillette once telegraphed Conan Doyle: “May I marry Holmes?” And Doyle responded: “You may marry him, or murder or do what you like with him.” As a result, Gillette wrote a melodrama in four acts, “Sherlock Holmes, or the Strange Case of Miss Faulkner”, where brave and hearty Sherlock and a young and beautiful lady fell in love with each other. Unfortunately, Gillette did not inform playgoers about the destination of the Holmes’ honeymoon travel as well as peculiarities of their home life, but still, the play pleased the audience and Sir Doyle very much.

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Gillette presented Sherlock Holmes approximately 1,300 times in front of American and English audiences. It was he who with his deerstalker cap and curved briar pipe became a personification of famous detective. And it was he who for the first time formulated the phrase “Oh, this is elementary, my dear fellow”, which was later transformed to “Elementary, my dear Watson” – one of the most famous expressions in the world.

The success of this play indicates the interest of the society to the personage of Sherlock Holmes. And this interest is not going to fade away. Outstanding detective is so popular that The Sherlock Holmes Museum was founded in 1990 at 221b, Baker Street in London. Many people consider visiting this worldwide known address to be the main point of their travel to London.

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And if you choose London for your honeymoon vacation, don’t miss the opportunity to see the official home of Sherlock Holmes. You will see all the famous props of this character. You may sit in his armchair at a fireplace enjoying beautiful Victorian interior and make excellent photos. What is more, you may buy some souvenirs there to remember your romantic honeymoon in the matchless London.

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2 Comments → “ Romantic honeymoon in London and… Sherlock Holmes! ”

  1. Vontola

    6 years ago

    According to biographies of Sir Conan Doyle, he approved all the screen and stage versions of Sherlock Holmes but he never felt satisfied with them, because they didn’t show a real image of that great man. I mean Holmes. I think that both Gay Richi films and “Modern Sherlock” wouldn’t please Conan Doyle.Maybe I’m wrong, but IMHO Sherlock is the example of British gentleman and all deviations from this image are unacceptable for me.
    As for Richi’s films – they are sth like Victorian thrillers :)   But still of good quality. “Modern” Sherlock” is undoubtedly praiseworthy – thrilling thing!
    And returning to Sir Doyle – it is not a secret that he didn’t like his most popular character, because Sherlock was distracting society’s attention from more serious Doyle’s works, like “Sir Nigel”, “The White Company”, etc. And Doyle sometimes didn’t pay heed to Sherlock. He killed him! And only the indignation of people raised Sherlock from the dead. So, I don’t think that Sir Doyle would be very angry with current–day stage directors. He was the benevolent man :)


  2. Theo

    6 years ago

    What do you think about new movies & stories about Sherlock? Mr. Doyle would have been shocked by them. :)


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