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If you are thinking about honeymoon destinations why not travel to one of the oldest cities of the world? Also called the eternal city. The city of seven hills. Caput mundi.

That all concerns the capital of the Greatest empire ever seen – the Roman Empire – the city of Rome.

It is famous for its rich history and the importance given to this city in all the epochs. Step by step explore the cradle of the art, sciences and fashion of the whole world. Have a walk along its ancient narrow streets, finding interesting sites everywhere, visit the famous Colosseum (Coliseum) and see the place where long time ago people fought with each other and wild animals, admire the Roman Forum where people gathered to have religious or political meetings, walk inside the Pantheon (the temple dedicated to all the Gods) and feel the rays of sun coming from the big round hole in the vault on your skin.

Travel to Rome

Travel to Rome

Walk around the places mentioned in “Angels and demons” by Den Braun and get acquainted with the mysterious side of Rome. And of course you can’t but visit the country in the city – Vatican – the center of Catholicism with its St. Peter’s Basilica and amazing museums.

Start you morning with a cup of coffee in one of roman pubs and enjoy Cooking as an Art!

Moreover, the climate and weather make Rome one of the most desired and pleasant honeymoon destinations. Winters there are mild and summers not that hot except for July and August. So, the best time to travel to Rome is April – June and September – November.

Rome is so romantic...

Rome is so romantic...

Don’t forget to take a phrasebook with you, Romans are very communicative and they will be glad to have a small chat with you! And, of course, drop a coin into one of the roman fountains to return here again and again!

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3 Comments → “ Rome ”

  1. Susan

    5 years ago

    Rome is a great city to spend your vacation. My husband and I stayed in Rome for 4 days. We spent a lot of time walking along its streets and watching its magnificent buildings. We saw the church San Giovanni in Laterano. The paintings on the walls and the ceiling are incredible. Do not miss Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiori! It is a very beautiful and peaceful church. We went to Sunday Mass. I really enjoyed the choir there. Full of artwork this church is worth of seeing. I think the Rome Forum is a must see. It is one of the most magical places in Rome. It would be better to hire a guide. We did so and were pleased with a result. We received a lot of interesting information about the Forum. What else? Oh, Italian cuisine! We visited some restaurants but Marco G was the best. Wonderful food for a good price. Great service and very helpful stuff. The pumpkin ravioli were amazing! Don’t forget to eat Roman ice-cream. We were lucky to stumble upon Gelateria Valentino. We enjoyed their lemon ice-cream. Lemons are grown by the owner. The gelato had fantastic taste and flavor. The best ice-cream we have ever tasted! These 4 days were incredible. Before leaving we dropped coins into the fountain. We will return here!


  2. Gina Miller

    6 years ago

    This year for my 50th birthday, my daughter presented me a tour to Italy, from which I have just come back 4 days ago. It was the second time I’ve been to Rome. My daughter Helen booked me a single number in the Capitolium Hotel via internet so its cost was only £80, but the suits there are sold for a period of 6 months ahead! So you’d better book the room in advance.
    I liked the city greatly. The night bus excursion was magnificent! We got on the bus in the square near St. Paul’s Cathedral. Castel Sant’Angelo at night looks miraculous. We made several stops and had a chance to enjoy the streets of this marvellous place at night and to try tasty roasted chestnuts!


  3. Stacy

    6 years ago

    I went on business to Rome at the beginning of April this year. Before going there I was told that there would be a lot of people, but frankly speaking in reality at this time Rome is not overcrowded. Also I was greatly impressed by the variety of flowers and colors!
    I stayed at Cinecitta Hotel, it is a rather small but cozy place, the rooms are not big, but in general I liked it. And the price for single room is about $100 per night (85 Euro). There is an underground station close to the hotel, so it won’t be difficult for you to get to any part of the city.
    The weather at this time is also pleasant – about 55°F. Next time l am going to visit Rome in September, hope to see another aspect of the Eternal City.


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