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Saga Cruises

Saga Cruises can be estimated as one of the most worthy offers among cheap honeymoon packages. The fact is that this company always guarantees its lowest prices. What is more, the cruise fare includes really a lot – car services, travel insurance, all meals, entertainment, port taxes and more, even tips.

But there is an interesting point that makes Saga Cruises different from other cruise companies. Saga’s ships are designed for passengers of 50 years of age or older. So that, do not expect very active entertainments, casino or lavish shows. The atmosphere on board is as relaxed as possible. Two medium sized ships, Saga Ruby and Saga Sapphire, allow only a few hundred passengers to embark. That’s why the crew can provide you with very attentive, friendly service and you won’t feel any discomfort due to overcrowded decks and salons.

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If you decide to spend your honeymoon vacation aboard Saga’s liners, you can be sure that they are equipped with all modern amenities that seem to become obligatory for all cruise ships. Any of Saga’s vessels has two pools, gym, bars, spa, sun loungers, computer room, library, cinema… Cabins are provided with a television, DVD player and a telephone in addition to en suite facilities with all necessary toiletries. Moreover, every cabin has a binocular for passengers to take a look at magnificent places or views the ship will pass by.

During your honeymoon vacation you will be able not only to relax and enjoy the nice voyage but also enrich your knowledge about the world. Cruise’s fee includes the price of shore excursions at ports of call. Furthermore, there are a lot of talks, classes and lectures organized on board in order to give you interesting and useful information.

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For those who don’t want to wait many years to become old enough for Saga Cruises the company has formed the new brand: Spirit of Adventure Cruises. Passengers of 21 and older are welcomed aboard both of its ships: Spirit of Adventure and Quest for Adventure. So that, newlyweds may think about comparatively cheap honeymoon packages aboard classic cruise liners. Consider that Saga Cruises offers itineraries to all important and attractive destinations: Caribbean, the Baltic and fjords of Norway, Africa, Mediterranean and many others.

One more pleasant moment of honeymoon vacation aboard Saga’s ships is duty-free shopping. You will be able to find good things for presents. Mind that the onboard currency is GBP.

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  1. John

    6 years ago

    I have never been at Saga Cruise liners. But I can tell you that my Mother and Father were traveling on this ship. I, as a person who bought two tickets for my parents, can tell you that the price was good. My parents spent a great time together and I understand how it is important to give such a great opportunity for my parents. I recommend you to find some time to spend more time with your lovely parents and if it is possible to spend money to help them to buy their dream, because when they were young and were dreaming to go somewhere they spent money for my education and for solving my problems. Now it is time to help our parents’ dreams come true. Sorry for preaching but I think that parents are the most important people in our life after our wife and children and we should help them more that we do. Saga Cruises is a great opportunity, first of all, to show your love to your parents.


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