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San Francisco

After months of your wedding planning it’s a good idea to find a perfect place where to go on honeymoon which will suit you best. And traveling to San Francisco is one of the best choices for you. Here you are able not only to relax and have a rest after a hectic preparation time, but also to experience some exciting moments which will remain in your memory and heart forever.

Among the most important honeymoon travel tips on traveling to San Francisco would be a piece of advice on what clothes to take here. All year round it is sunny and warm here. A small fluctuation in temperature can be only observed between winter and summer months, somewhat around 40 and 70° F correspondently. Whatever part of the year you choose to have a honeymoon vacation in San Francisco, take different clothes for you to feel comfortable in any weather, in any part of the day.

San Francisco Romantic honeymoon

Romantic honeymoon in San Francisco

Here you will have a perfect possibility to enjoy numerous breathtaking activities. Enjoy the picturesque houses of the Haight-Ashbury corner, have a ride on a trolleybus, or take your new spouse to a spa where you will relax and feel the harmony of the world. Don’t miss the famous Ghirardelli square to find a cozy ice-cream café and adore your portion of ice-cream which is perhaps the best in the world here!

Indulge yourself in some healthy and pleasant procedures such as hot stone massage or facials for you to have a healthy look and good emotions in buckets!

Golden Gate Bridge

A view of the Golden Gate Bridge, Photo by Rich Niewiroski Jr.

Of course, you will book a tour over the place to discover more about San Francisco, so don’t miss your chance to take photos of what you’ll see! And on no account should you forget about the Golden Gate Bridge – this is a view which will really leave a deep impression upon both of you!

Finally, if you are still in search of some honeymoon travel tips on where to go on honeymoon – choose San Francisco to have a bright, energetic and at the same time calm and relaxing honeymoon vacation!

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2 Comments → “ San Francisco ”

  1. Jake

    6 years ago

    If you are going to San Francisco you’d better take some flowers with you :) :) :)
    I love San Francisco!!! How can you go to The Golden Gate Park and feel yourself bad? Ha? At this part you can find conservatory of flowers. Citizens of this city know that flowers is the easiest thing to make your mood good)
    It is a pity but I have never been at a tourist excursion to Alcatraz prison :( It is a legendary prison on a separate island which is situated not far from San Francisco. You should watch ‘The Rock’ movie with Nicolas Cage :)
    I think that San Francisco is a city of youth. And Hippie movement at 80th can easily confirm it. So if you will decide to go to San Francisco, take your friends with you and spend a cool time together there.


  2. David

    6 years ago

    When my wife and I chose a place where we can go on vacation, we were thinking for a long time. My spouse offered to go to San Francisco. I was not in great delight, until we arrived at Lake Merced, somewhere in the west.
    We took a tent but we did not need one. Only clean water of mountain lakes, clean air is nice and quiet. The lake was great, and even lots of other visitors who came to see this beauty did not spoil these feelings. Near the lake there was a zoo, and two days later we visited it. Nearby there was a park and we went to play volleyball with other newcomers there. The trip was more than successful. We managed to have fun and have a romantic holiday.


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