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Schooner Elena

Aboard a reconstruction of legendary racing schooner Elena you will be able to enjoy unforgettable honeymoon vacation. No matter what honeymoon travel destination you will choose – the islands of the Caribbean, the Mediterranean region or any other place – you will definitely experience the delight of sailing in the traditional racing yachts. But Elena excels them in comfort, luxury, and, of course, in safety due to modern navigational technologies.

Chartering this elegant schooner you will get a possibility to relax under her sails, to sunbathe, to dive or explore the exotic shores by small boat while the yacht is at anchor, to enjoy starlit nights while dining on deck… what could be better for a romantic honeymoon?

Romantic dinner aboard Elena

Romantic dinner aboard Elena

It should be mentioned that the yacht’s chef will always prepare meals in accordance with your tastes, even create special menu for honeymoon – and you can be sure that you’ll be pleased. Every member of Elena’s crew is a real professional.

What is more, you will be able to feel the comfort of her cabins equipped with all modern amenities and designed in luxurious classical style. There are three double staterooms and two twin staterooms. Each of them has individual air conditioning system, bathroom, iPod and iPad technologies and a lot of other nice things.

Elena romantic honeymoon

As Elena offers accommodations up to 10 guests, you may share your honeymoon vacation with your fast friends and relatives. And one of the best advantages that the private yacht can offer you is the possibility to choose honeymoon travel destination by yourself.

Actually Elena is the racing yacht and this is not strange that she is available not only for cruising but also for racing charter. So if you are venturesome and excitable couple, you may organize unique and romantic honeymoon taking part in a regatta. Fantastic view of beautiful classic yachts and a state of excitement during the race can impress you greatly. And do not forget that Elena is as successful as her original namesake – so winner’s prize will remind you of the honeymoon years later.

Elena's saloon

Elena's saloon

Sitting in Elena’s main saloon on rich, red leather couch and looking at magnificent interior with its polished mahogany furniture it is easy to understand why Elena is one of the most remarkable charter yachts in the world.

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3 Comments → “ Schooner Elena ”

  1. But Elena excels them in comfort, luxury, and, of course, in safety due to modern navigational technologies.


  2. Oggy

    6 years ago

    I was one of those lucky guys who travelled on this fashioned yacht. After successfully finishing a great project my boss decided to take with him all his management crew. It was the unbelievable reward for our work. After this one day trip at Schooner Elena I can easily say that my boss is open and cheerful person and now all management will work harder because everybody wants to sail again on this yacht. This water masterpiece combined classic and modern styles. All latest navigation systems and different entertainment as music and climate control are on a board. It is a pity that the price of rent is I think very high for 24hours.


  3. Jessica

    6 years ago

    I do not have enough words to describe the comfort and convenience, which I got on board the ship … We had a celebration of our wedding anniversary there. We decided to rest this way – just enjoy the boundless horizons of water. We landed on a few small islands, where we strolled along the beach, and small woods, and when we got tired, we returned to the cozy room where the dinner was already waiting for us. The food was just as tasty as the trip was wonderful. I would like to have that anniversary celebration all over again, but perhaps next time it will be just a trip (I hope so much there will be abother one!).
    I have an unforgettable experience and pleasant memories of this holiday, now after this trip I’m not amused by anything else.


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