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Romantic South Africa

Sometimes those couples who are going to travel to South Africa for a honeymoon are called weird or adventure-seekers. But, in fact, it is a perfect destination for a honeymoon, as you can have lots of things in one place here.

Like hiking? There are lots of mountains for you to choose from, some of them even reach the height of 2 miles! The mountains offer breathtaking activity for everyone, from beginners to professional hikers.

Adore wildlife? Walk through thick exotic forests, enjoy the abundance of life here; adore the beauty of the most unbelievable plants and the variety of different animals. You can also visit the Kruger National Park, a more “civilized” way to explore the local flora and fauna together with entertaining activities.

Prefer sunbathing? Turn your honeymoon into the leisurely romantic experience on the picturesque beaches and enjoy the romantic sunsets together with your new spouse. Keep in mind that the Indian Ocean is much warmer than the Atlantic. So if you’re going to have mostly beach vacation, find a resort on the eastern coast of the country.

south africa packages

Enjoy big cities and trendy boutiques? Then you should travel to Cape Town, the second largest city of the country. Here you will have everything you seek for, including shopping, restaurants and entertainment. Furthermore, if you’re planning to spend the vacation in Cape Town, there would be no problems about choosing between the two oceans to swim in: you can try both and decide which you like most. Not the everyday experience, is it?

Finally, don’t forget about the rich wineries of South Africa. The romantic dinners with perfect wines and lovely atmosphere are a must during the honeymoon.

south africa wildlife

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4 Comments → “ Romantic South Africa ”

  1. Antonina

    6 years ago

    Last winter I spent an amazing week in South Africa. This is a very beutiful place to see. I spent some days in Cape Town and some days in Johannesburg and then went to Mozambique. I have never seen such beautiful nature, lovely animals and nice people. I reccomend you to visit this place of the earth!


  2. Zina

    6 years ago

    I’ve never been to South Africa, but I’d really like to go :)


  3. Bart

    6 years ago

    South Africa is a really dangerous place. But its danger couldn’t stop me and my wife Alice. Last summer we went to South Africa on Safari. My wife loves animals and I needed another doze of adrenaline. We read a lot about the best time for safari and we went to Africa in dry season in June. We went to Mozabique to Kruger National Park. We stayed there for 10 days. The most striking impressions I got when I was a driver of a 4×4 open vehicle. It was something special to see the few open cars which were driving through different wild places and passed wild and dangerous animals. It was a good idea to pay money for the Game drive.


  4. Mark

    6 years ago

    Our vacation in South Africa has been the most fantastic experience in my life!  My wife and I spent 2 days in Kwantu . The cottage was nice and well-furnished, the food was great. We really loved our weekend there. The staff was very attentive and made us feel very welcome. I highly recommend it to anybody who is interested in nature. No 7 Castle Hill Museum in Port Elizabeth is one more place worth seeing. The museum is housed in an old Victorian house. There you can see the antique furniture, the most interesting place in the house I think was the kitchen. Very old and unusual equipment! And if you want to shop you should go to Greenacres shopping centre. You can get everything there – food, clothes, electronic equipment, jewellery. It is a very modern shopping centre with a cinema, internet, a post office, lots of restaurants and cafes. Shopping in Greenacres was a real pleasure.


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