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Unforgettable experience in St. Kitts and Nevis

Popularly know as two islands one paradise, St. Kitts and Nevis are perhaps the islands you have always dreamt about.  These two lush and luxurious islands are  among the best-known Caribbean destinations that offer a perfect setting for either a wedding day or a honeymoon. Secluded beaches, former plantation houses turned into boutique hotels, abandoned sugar cane fields,  amazing nature and landscape make this honeymoon destination irresistible.

St. Kitts is the larger island of the two; consequently, it enjoys greater popularity among tourists. Those who travel to St. Kitts have access to a vast variety of activities, both water and land-based.  One of the most popular attraction is Mount Liamuiga, a dormant volcano lying in the midst of rainforest.  The only way to get to the top of the crater is to hike and be ready for a very challenging hike that is worth every drop of sweat! Expect to spend 2 to 3 hours climbing the mountain to the top of the rim and enjoying great views in the process. The brave ones can actually decent into the crater by holding on to the exposed tree roots (bringing your own ropes is highly recommended since soil has eroded in some places) and even see a small lake that forms during a rainy season. Standing inside a volcano, smelling occasional yet distinctive scent of sulphur and being surrounded by lush vegetation will leave great memories.

St kitts and nevis honeymoon vacation

Nevis is by a by far smaller island. Its population does not exceed a few thousand people, and this could be a reason why it has retained a charm of a cozy colonial township. The absence of noise, traffic lights and fuss contributes greatly for the island’s tranquil and laid-back atmosphere of peaceful rest.  There are a lot of signs of the island’s bygone glory, such as a replica of a mansion where Alexander Hamilton, a famous American statement was born, the Jewish Cemetary ( at one point, more than 25 % of the islands’ population were Sephardic Jews who emigrated from Portugal and Spain),  small churches and villages. Perhaps this is one of  few places in the Caribbean that has not been tainted by the influence of tourism. There is network of paths that used to connect sugar plantations, but these days, it is used mainly for hiking and horseback riding.  Do walk along the Golden Rock Nature Trail where you can see a colony of African Green Velvet Monkeys! There are lots of hills on the island with the Nevis Peak being the highest – over 3,000 feet. You will never regret about climbing any of these heights: the sceneries you will see from here are worth it! When traveling to Nevis you will regain a touch with nature as your interactions with flora and fauna will be unbelievably close.

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