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St. Lucia – leading honeymoon destination

Chances are that some couples want it all in one honeymoon package: they want to  lie on pristine sandy beaches under the greenery of palm trees, be surrounded by spectacular mountains and thick jungles waiting to be explored, lulled by the sound of ocean waves and be entertained by a variety of activities. If this is a challenge you are facing, it can be a real problem. Thankfully, there is a solution: the heavenly island of St. Lucia which is located in the Caribbean.

If you still have doubts that traveling to St. Lucia will satisfy the most demanding romantic couples, you should know that this location has been nominated and awarded “World’s Leading Honeymoon Destination” 8 times in the past ten years.

If you choose St. Lucia as your honeymoon travel destination, you will probably live in a hotel near Soufrière, the island’s drive-in volcano which is famous for its breathtaking views and healing mud baths.

st lucia honeymoon packages

St. Lucia is a perfect honeymoon travel destination also for those who are attracted to all kinds of watersports. Love snorkeling? The reefs seem to be created for it. Enjoy scuba diving? Why not search for some shipwrecks around? It is one of the best places to go windsurfing, sailing, para-sailing or water-skiing.

For nature-loving couples, St. Lucia offers an opportunity to wander through its rainforest. If you want to hike in it, you should sign up for walking tours accompanied by an experienced guide. During the tour you’ll even have a chance to see a rare crimson, yellow and green-hued Jacquot parrot which lives only on St. Lucia!

Don’t forget  to visit the magic Diamond Waterfalls. They are said to be one of the most romantic places in St. Lucia, and a place for hugs and kisses. They are like small Niagara Falls – stately and romantic at the same time.

where to go for honeymoon

You shouldn’t  miss the local market which is held each Saturday in Castries, the capital of St. Lucia. There you’ll be able to buy everything you want, from locally grown food to creative handicrafts. The souvenirs you’ll buy here will always serve you as a reminder of your unforgettable honeymoon vacation. And don’t forget  the relatives! They will definitely want some souvenirs, too!

Considering the time of traveling to St. Lucia bear in mind that the rain season here lasts from June to November. If you want to combine best weather and best prices during your honeymoon vacation, consider visiting this destination from mid-April to late May or from November to mid-December.

st lucia honeymoon travel destination

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6 Comments → “ St. Lucia – leading honeymoon destination ”

  1. nadezda

    4 years ago

    super !


  2. Tamara Raileanu

    6 years ago

    St.Lucia is magical, it is very popular with tourists since it offers lots of activities.

  3. St. Lucia is a perfect honeymoon travel destination also for those who are attracted to all kinds of watersports.


  4. Pamela

    6 years ago

    St. Lucia is such a beautiful island! We spent a week there. There is a lot to see there but the greatest attraction is Pitons that are situated at the town of Soufriere. The hike is difficult, many tourists don’t make it to the top but we decided to sail to the Pitons. To my mind it was a great way to see the Pitons. The view from the sea was fantastic. The guides on the boat were very attentive and nice. We also had a great time at a beach. Many St. Lucia’s beaches have dark grey sand but not Reduit beach.It is probably one of the best beaches in St. Lucia , white sand and pure water. It is very popular with tourists, lots of people, lots of activities. I enjoyed tasting local food but not in the hotel restaurants but in small cafes and bars. Sabrina’s Place was such a place. They didn’t offer a lot of dishes but everything was tasty. We would go here again.


  5. Ariadna5

    6 years ago

    Magic Diamond Waterfalls!!!


  6. Laura

    6 years ago

    Oh!!!! What a great place. The entire island is totally green. The air is healing, because it consists of smell of water and of trees. Last summer I and my husband Jake stayed at The Le Sport resort. It was something incredible, because the body therapy which they gave us was second after my husband’s night therapy :) At this hotel at St Lucia you can find whatever you want! Beginning with a professional team of workers who offer exclusive service and ending with a picture of a place of your dream. After first week I realized that my body is like a repaired machine and I felt myself like a new sports car with 500 horses engine :) The air, the hotel, the water, the people are producing extremely sweet and pleasant atmosphere. By the way, I started seriously thinking about kids. Because here at St Lucia I realized that I wish to share my life with others and I wish to tell a lot of people that those holiday was a very important time in our life.


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