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St. Lucia: Try To Stand The Temptation

You haven’t made up your mind where you want to go for your honeymoon vacation yet? Go to Saint Lucia and do not hesitate. Believe that it is worth visiting, and do not miss the first possibility to go there. So, let’s discover Saint Lucia.

To begin with, it is an island country in the Caribbean with greatly developed tourism industry. Its relatively small territory permits the government to perform this very profitable kind of business, after bananas industry of course, because it brings the country permanently increasing incomes.

Tourists all over the world arrive to this unspoiled place and admire its picturesque highlights of the scenery, sandy beaches and gentle ocean waters. The island is also popular because of its tropical climate, great number of comfortable resorts and hotels.

st lucia honeymoon vacation

Tourists who have their honeymoon vacation here always try to visit the Pitons as they are very famous for their two volcanic plugs. By the way, the Pitons form a part of a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Try to continue visiting St. Lucia Botanical Gardens and have a look at the rare fantastic and lovely plants. The waterfalls will please you with their fresh and rapid splashes.

As for activities and different tours, there is enough of them there. Young couples will be busy with hiking and deep sea fishing, snorkeling and diving.

It is interesting to know that brides and grooms are offered a destination wedding at one of the sixteen Sandals Resorts and Beaches Resorts. It goes without saying that you will enjoy your honeymoon trip to Saint Lucia.

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